Props And Costumes From Star Wars The Force Awakens. Possible Mild Spoilers


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One of the toughest features to get in to during Star Wars Celebration was the Props And Custumes exhibit. The reason was it was in a very small room. One that could hold maybe 50 people. The bad is of … Continue reading

Geekville Podcast Star Wars Celebration Part 1

Better late than never. Here is an onsite report of the first day of Star Wars Celebration. Opening Ceremonies, Ian McDiarmid (which I mispronounce the whole time), and watching prequels in 3D Steaming Link courtesy of Stitcher Direct Link - Geekville Star Wars Celebration Part 1 iTunes Page - Geekville On iTunes RSS Feed - Geekville RSS Feed Sponsored by Amazon Highspots and Audible! ...continue reading

Star Wars Celebration Coverage: Day 1

Obviously the biggest news of the morning was the debut of the new Force Awakens trailer. Sadly, I was not in the arena stage for that presentation. Nor was I in any other stage... Due to my own ill preparedness I was still in the outside line to get in. So I wound up watching the event on my tablet. Here are a few things that stuck out at me during The Force Awakens panel. -BB-8 aka "Soccerbot" is a work of genius. He is an actual controllable prop, not a CGI creation. He's the breakout ...continue reading

New Star Wars Trailer Description

Well, they finally showed the highly anticipated new trailer for The Force Awakens. I know it will be hitting the internets any moment, but I wanted to write a description while it was still fresh in my mind. -The trailer begins with the familiar LucasFilm logo, and the Skywalker/Force theme -Black screen. Voiceover of Mark Hamill/Luke with dialogue from Return Of The Jedi. -"The Force is strong in my family..." distant shot of a speeder zipping hrough the desert. There is a crashed ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 228: Tough Enough Returns Again

New Show! Smackdown is changing networks yet again to be part of the USA lineup. Seth, Norko, Josh, Jarret and Train all chime in on the subject. WWE also announced that Tough Enough will be returning in June. Unlike the previous incarnation, Steve Austin will not be a part of the training team, and rumors are that Chris Jericho will be. What could be the reasoning behind using Jericho instead of Austin? Finally, The A1 Cup is around the corner and Seth previews the top 20 seeds. All this ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 80: The Man Without Fear

Netflix has finally released its highly anticipated Daredevil series. Seth and Train are here to give the first impressions. There are spoilers about opening episodes, but not for the entire show. Is it as good as the hype? Or will it make you wish for the days of Ben Affleck and an Evanescence soundtrack? Steaming Link courtesy of Stitcher Direct Link - Geekville Episode 80 iTunes Page - Geekville On iTunes RSS Feed - Geekville ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor Episode 11: The Eleventh Doctor

In 2009, David Tennant announced his departure from Doctor Who. The BBC made a controversial choice by casting little known actor Matt Smith. Smith was not only the youngest actor to take on the role, but he had big shoes to fill by replacing the fan favorite Tennant. On top of that, Stephen Moffat was give the showrunner keys. We look at Smith's three years, examining some of his great, and not so great stories. We praise the greatness of Smith's performances, and lament The Amy And Rory Show ...continue reading

Episode VII Poster REVEALED

Here it is fans, the first official poster for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Granted there is no "Episode VII" on the poster, but this is confirmed to be the actual poster. The first particular image spotted on display at a theater in Denver Colorado by Geekville correspondent Will. You can hear Will talk Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy in our podcast Episode 77! Mark Hamill is sporting a Jeff Bridges "The Dude" type beard. We'll see if The Jedi Abides on December 17th. ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Barry Windham vs. The Great Muta

WCW Superbrawl III, February 21 1993. WCW had recently rejoined the National Wrestling Alliance, and once again was holding NWA sanctioned matches for the NWA "Big Gold Belt". Here, champion The Great Muta handles the challenge of Barry Windham. Ric Flair, fresh off his first WWF run, provides color commentary. ...continue reading