Tons Of Batmobile/Jokermobile Footage From Suicide Squad

In case there was any confirmation needed that Warner Bros. Suicide Squad movie shared the universe of Batman v. Superman Dawn Of Justice, it was given with the recent on-set footage. In several of these shots, you see the same Batmobile that is in Batman v. Superman. You also see a purple exotic car (reportedly a modified Infiniti G45) presumably driven by The Joker. Check out some of the media below #Batmobile ...continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: Ring Of Honor To Air on Destination America

Destination America issued the following press release announcing the debut of Ring Of Honor on their network. DESTINATION AMERICA BRINGS MORE ACTION TO THE RING ACQUIRING THE RIGHTS TO RING OF HONOR'S WEEKLY TELEVISION PROGRAMMING (Silver Spring, Md.) –Destination America announced today that it has signed a national broadcast deal with professional wrestling league RING OF HONOR, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., bringing one of the most respected wrestling ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 235: World’s Greatest iPPV

This week The A1 Podcast looks at the report on TNA's alleged cancellation by Destination America. We go over the FACTS, what we know and what we may not know. Samoa Joe turned the internet on its ear when he debuted for NXT. Not only the he has an alleged deal with WWE that many independent workers would be envious of. Finally, we preview the Elimination Chamber special for the WWE Network. We talk about the similarities between talent and booking for internet fans and mainstream fans. ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 86: Flash And Arrow Finales

The CW ran its season finales for both Arrow and The Flash. An ongoing shared universe is fairly new in TV, how has it been so far? Did the finales live up to expectations? Were there seeds planted for Legends Of Tomorrow? What can we expect for Arrow Season Four and Flash Season Two? On top of that we look at the teasers for Legends Of Tomorrow and Supergirl. Are there reasons for hope? Or is this universe getting too saturated. All this and more in a fun filled Geekville Podcast! ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 234: Payback Time

WWE Payback is in the books and The A1 Crew is here to give the show a complete rundown. From the opening pre-show match of R-Truth vs. Stardust to the chaotic main event, they cover all the matches, news, and reactions. Four matches have been announced for Elimination Chamber, including an internet dream match of Kevin Owens vs. John Cena. How has WWE handled Owens and Neville so far? Finally, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported that TNA's relationship with Destination America ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 85: Podcast Of SHIELD

Agents Of SHIELD has wrapped up its second season, and it was a doozy of a finale. Crazy Train joins Seth to talk the finale, and the second season in general. How much of a crossover was there with the Cinematic Universe? And what can we expect in Season Three? There are more Infinity Gems out there, have we gotten hints? And what's with everybody losing an arm these days? All these questions answered and more in another fun filled Geekville Podcast! Streaming link courtesy Stitcher Direct ...continue reading

Impact Moving From Friday Nights?

PW Insider reports that Impact Wrestling may be moving to Wednesday nights as soon as June. While this has not been confirmed, there are concerns as to how well Impact Wrestling would hold up on a Friday Night during the summer. If Impact moves to Wednesday Nights, that would mean three wrestling shows on the same night: Impact, NXT, and Lucha Underground. Destination America will be airing last year's Slammiversary PPV on May 22nd. This is due to concern over the Memorial Day holiday travel. ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 84: Once Upon A Podcast

Seth is joined by Clint aka Jedi from The Geek Dig Podcast to talk the finale of ABC's Once Upon A Time. The Heroes And Villains were flipped, and The Author's story was told. What does Season Five hold with The Dark One now freed from Rumpelstiltskin? Is Emma now evil? What will become of Zelena's baby? Good? Evil? Neutral? Who should play Merlin? All these questions answered and much more on another fun Geekville Podcast! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher Direct Link - Geekville ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 233: The Aaron And Jerry Show

It's a special edition of The A1 Podcast. Aaron Bauer and Jerry "Sodapop" stop by to talk AIW Archives, a streaming service to access past AIW events. Listen for an exclusive promo code to save nearly half off on a subscription. But that's not all! AIW is also presenting the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament on May 22-23. We run through some of the matches, including the dream match of Samoa Joe vs. Johnny Gargano! On top of that, Girls Night Out 15 is happening May 23rd! It's a triple ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 232: Dirty Politics

New podcast is here, and it's a doozy! Train and Josh talk the E60 episode about Xavier Woods and The New Day, and discuss the gimmick as well as Xavier's comments on why the gimmick didn't get over. You'll get a unique insight from inside and outside the wrestling world, and a discussion you won't hear anywhere else. The whole panel give predictions on Sunday's WWE Payback, all five matches that we know. Vic Travaligante returns to discuss House Of Hardcore coming to The Fight Network. ...continue reading