Holding Out for a Hero

Man, it seems late September is more hectic at the old asylum than usual. That is why it has been so long since I have gotten some computer time to pontificate upon my favorite love, professional wrestling. Even with the frenetic pace here at this fine institution the last few weeks, I have had some time to watch a little TV. As I was doing this, I was channel surfing and happened upon an old episode of VH1's "Pop Up Video". This was an 80's themed episode, so I as man who attended high school in ...continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…in the South

It might still feel like summer below the Mason-Dixon line, but the calendar says it is September, so that means autumn, and that means COLLEGE FOOTBALL! This is such a great time to be here at the asylum. The patients get a bit less restless come Saturdays now that a bit of a nip is in the nighttime air and the leaves outside our barred windows change into those beautiful golds, oranges, and reds. On these Saturdays, the TV is a revolving door between ESPN, CBS, ABC, Fox Sports, and the newest and ...continue reading

PCW’s Back 2 School Bash

It's always a pleasure when I get to attend a local wrestling event put on by an independent company. You never know what you're going to get - it could be awful or it could be amazing. There could be something you'd like to see buried and never come back again, and once in a while you find that diamond in the rough.On Thursday, August 21st, I attended Winnipeg-based promotion Premier Championship Wrestling's 2014 edition of the Back 2 School Bash. This was a comeback show of sorts, as PCW has been ...continue reading

I can admit when I am wrong, usually…

This week's Raw became cannon fodder for the other patients at the asylum to rib me something fierce. I can't say I blame them. For those of you who are regular listeners to the A1-Wrestling.com podcast, you might see where I am headed with this. Now for those of you who are NOT regular listeners to the A1-Wrestling.com podcast I say: WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Get on Stitcher, iTunes, or go to the podcast tab on this website and start listening NOW! It drops once a week, every week, and is ...continue reading

Smackdown Notes July 25 2014

Random quick shots from the mind of the A1 owner... still love the Usos' entrance I'm really not a fan of guys taking a series of punches or chops that just stand there and look at the other guy while shaking waiting for the next one to come. Sell it a bit! Usos pulling Twin Magic? Wow. Stephanie looks like a meteor hit her chest between her boobs and left a massive crater. Ugh. Miz's mom saying her favorite WWE superstar is Roman Reigns. AWWWESOME!! I can't believe Miz is with Maryse. The ...continue reading

Does “old school” work in today’s wrestling?

Hello readers! I have procured a little computer time from my therapist so I can spew my thoughts on things again. Teddy is sitting here next to me, giving me a bit of an evil eye, and I think trying to push me into getting my thoughts down on cyberpaper. Well my meds seem to be working, and I can't take letting Teddy down anymore, so here we go... "Old school" is one of those terms that seems to come in vogue every once in awhile. Funny thing is though, is when most of these faddish terms or ...continue reading

Hello from the asylum…sort of

Hello to all the A1-Wrestling online world, this is your favorite Teddy Bear toting madman, fresh from my climb over the fences at the State mental hospital, and I am still looking for momma. I am delighted to have a nice, warm, little corner of cyberspace to muse and pontificate from. Thanks to Zandrax, Prime, and Suptool for allowing me this opportunity. My bio briefly covers my wrestling background, but not every retired indy wrestler gets a blog on a large "insider" website or a guest spot ...continue reading

My Top 10 Favorite WWE Entrance Themes

These are in no particular order, just ten WWE themes, that I really enjoy - and that does not necessarily mean I'm a fan of the wrestler the theme is for. "Live in Fear" - Mark Crozer (Wyatt Family) "Break the Walls Down" - Jim Johnston (Chris Jericho) "Metalingus" - Alter Bridge (Edge) "Nightmare Clown" - Jim Johnston (Doink) "I Came to Play" - Jim Johnston (The Miz) "Pomp and Circumstance" - Leonard Bernstein & BBC Symphony (Randy Savage) "Snake Bit" - Jim ...continue reading

Character Development

This past Monday on WWE's flagship show, Monday Night RAW, we witnessed probably the best 15-20 minutes of captivating television in quite some time; maybe even years. But before I get to that, let me back track a little bit. Ever since John Cena abandoned his "Thuganomics" gimmick, and thus his heel persona, he has had the same boring character that has bordered on later-years-Hulkamania levels of boring. Being booked as the loathed "Super Cena" character, he has become very stale, and thus the ...continue reading

WrestleMania Venues

WrestleMania 2 (partly) WrestleMania 13 WrestleMania 22 What do these Manias have in common? Well, aside from the fact that they are WrestleManias that did not have roman numerals, they were all at the Rosemont Horizon/Allstate Arena. The Allstate Arena (as it is now known, is not the home of any of the four major sports' teams in Chicago. It is home to DePaul basketball (college), Wolves hockey (AHL), and formerly Rush football (AFL). The Allstate Arena is also not a giant venue by any ...continue reading