Bill DeMott Resigns As WWE Trainer

Bill DeMott, who had been working as a trainer for NXT and the WWE Performance Center, has resigned from his position amid allegations of unprofessional acts. DeMott tweeted about his resignation with the following statement: "I deny the recent allegations made about me, however, to avoid any embarrassment or damage to the WWE, I've decided to step down from my role effective immediately." DeMott made his name as Hugh Morrus in WCW before becoming part of WWE in the 2001 buyout. He had ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 77: Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Geekville is back with a tribute to the late great Leonard Nimoy, who touched the lives of so many through his iconic portrayal of Mr. Spock. Nimoy's career will probably be remembered best for Star Trek, but he did have a sizable career outside of it as pointed out in this show. Greg and the debuting Wil join Seth to talk Trek, Mission Impossible, In Search Of..., Fringe, as well as Nimoy's work in directing, voiceover, poetry, and musical recordings. Steaming Link courtesy of Stitcher Direct ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 76: Agents Of PODCAST

The Geekville Podcast is back today with a special look at Marvel TV. Crazy Train joins Zandrax for a rundown of the Agent Carter mini-series that filled the gap between the Agents Of SHIELD half seasons. They also tackle the Agents Of SHIELD second half season premiere, and try to answer some of the questions asked. Who is Skye? Who is RAINA? And where is this leading to? Steaming Link courtesy of Stitcher Direct Link - Geekville Episode 76 iTunes Page - Geekville On iTunes RSS ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Randy Savage & Strike Force vs. Hart Foundation & Honky Tonk Man – STEEL CAGE MATCH 27 years ago today - "Macho Man" Randy Savage teamed with WWF Tag Champions Strike Force (Tito Santana & Rick Martel) to face Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man and The Hart Foundation in a steel cage. ...continue reading

#TBT Throwback Thursday In GIFs

It's #TBT Throwback Thursday according to THE INTERNET! Let's relive some past moments wrestling history. This week: Finishing Moves Superfly Jimmy Snuka hitting a top cage splash on Don Muraco Goldberg Jackhammers Brock Lesnar GIFSoup Lex Luger lifts The Giant (now known as Big Show) for The Human Torture Rack Road Warriors hit The Doomsday Device Jake Roberts' final WWE Match to date, DDTing The Undertaker Curt Hennig hits the PerfectPlex on The Giant. Randy ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Ric Flair vs. Ted Dibiase Mid-South Circa 1985. Before becoming "The Million Dollar Man", Ted Dibiase was a hated villain in many territories. Here, he was set to challenge Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship. However, Dibiase's friend Dick Murdoch has a few things to say... ...continue reading