Tournament of Babes

March Madness is quickly approaching for those who follow college basketball. However, even if college hoops aren't your thing, you might participate in the office pool and/or the chances are good that you have voted on some type of similar tournament. Especially around this time of year, when many websites and social media outlets run similar tournaments where the winners are decided by the fans' vote. There is one of those tournaments going on right now on in the Slugfest of Doom sub-forum located in the Geekville forum. It is the inaugural Babefest of Doom tournament and the field was set at a staggering 256 women. For those of you not quick at math, that equals four NCAA tournaments before they added in the play-in teams and the extra tournament spots. ...continue reading

Old School Promotion Meet New School Talent

When you hear a lot of old-school wrestling fans talk about the good ole days, when men were men and it wasn't "sports-entertainment" you don't think of promos for upcoming shows, but in all honesty it is one of the great things about the old days, especially for fans of the Jim Crockett NWA.  They'd bring the talent in to tape promos for upcoming shows, more specifically for that particular city they would be working the show at. Of course it's hard to do now with the way television is done; ...continue reading

Bigger and Better

A big WHASSUP!! to all the readers of the web site, the members of our community forum, and the listeners of our podcast! A1 is getting bigger and better. If you're reading this, you've found our brand spanking new blog, where the panelists from our weekly podcast will be writing articles on professional wrestling and pop culture - after all, is where wrestling and pop culture collide! You can comment on our articles using the Disqus commenting system - feel ...continue reading