A1 Podcast Episode 99: Luftballoons

It's the return of the Prime Cut, with the topic of Characters vs. Gimmicks. We give our opinions on some of the overly scripted elements of modern wrestling gimmicks vs. the traditional characters from the days of yore. We also preview the first four days of the Slugfest Of Doom, and talk iOS6. Direct Link - A1 Podcast Episode 99 iTunes Page - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-a1-wrestling-com-podcast/id434430895 ...continue reading

Smartphone Smackdown!

A1’s Prime takes an inside look at the latest smartphone releases and pits the iPhone 5 against the Nokia Lumia 920. Have a look at his personal blog and see who the real winner is!


More on Jarret Aubry

Jarret is the Owner of A1-wrestling.com as well as an A1 Podcast panelist. He is a lifelong pro wrestling fan and resident I.T. nerd with 15 years of enterprise experience. Has an unhealthy obsession with Windows Phone, is a web site designer and hockey/golf/Muay Thai kickboxing enthusiast. Has been known to work for bacon.

Episode 98: The Podcast Of My People

A wrestling-lite edition. Pop Culture Collides. We cover Night Of Champions and Raw highlights, but then we delve into the Slugfest Of Doom qualifications and all hell breaks loose. Then Jarret dismantles the iPhone5 unveiling Direct Link - A1 Podcast Episode 98 iTunes Page - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-a1-wrestling-com-podcast/id434430895 ...continue reading

Episode 97: Hail To The King

We give our thoughts on the breaking news about Jerry "The King" Lawler's heart attack suffered during Raw, as well as some of Raw's other highlights. We talk the ending of the Bound For Glory Series, and the potential matchups for TNA's next PPV. In nonwrestling talk, we cover the beginning of the NFL season, and the Microsoft-Nokia announcements, as well as speculate the near future for technology releases. Direct Link - A1 Podcast Episode 97 iTunes Page - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-a1-wrestling-com-podcast/id434430895 ...continue reading

A1 Wrestling Spotlight Episode 1

The premier episode of the A1 Wrestling Spotlight is now live! This episode features wrestling action from Absolute Intense Wrestling, NWA Chattanooga and TNT Pro Wrestling.  Hosted by myself and David McKinney from the South Atlanta Wrestling blog.

More on Norko Kipte

Norko is the host of the A1 Podcast here at A1-wrestling.com being one of the foremost experts in independent wrestling. He's the antithesis to Jarret's love for Microsoft by representing the iOS.

A1 Podcast Episode 96: Podcast It Out

What do The Bleacher Report, Popeye, Nokia, and Jabberwocky all have in common? They are all mentioned on this week's episode "Podcast It Out". We look at Drake Oz's column from bleacherreport.com on CM Punk. We go over Raw with it's Hug it Out, AJ's meltdown, and the apparent alliance of Punk and Paul Heyman. We also take a look at the potential Final Four in TNA's Bound For Glory Series. In non-wrestling news we look at college football, console gaming vs. PC gaming, and the impending Microsoft ...continue reading