Jeff Katz, Shady Promoter???

One of the things the plague the independent wrestling industry are shady promoters.  They promise one thing and many many times don't deliver on them. Things such as promoting "former WWE stars" like Doink and the Patriot and having joe-smoe play them instead of the actual guys who played them come in and work the show. Now, why do I mention Jeff Katz in the title?  Well, it looks as if he's, sadly, another one of those promoters, this time ripping off the fans for over 100,000 dollars ...continue reading

Scratching The Surface

A1 Owner and podcast panelist Prime (Jarret) has just published his review of his Microsoft Surface tablet over on his personal blog:

Head on over and have a look to see what he thinks. We’ll also talk more on the Surface on the first A1 Podcast episode of 2013!

More on Jarret Aubry

Jarret is the Owner of as well as an A1 Podcast panelist. He is a lifelong pro wrestling fan and resident I.T. nerd with 15 years of enterprise experience. Has an unhealthy obsession with Windows Phone, is a web site designer and hockey/golf/Muay Thai kickboxing enthusiast. Has been known to work for bacon.

Predictions for 2013

As we move forward into 2013, I thought it might be a good idea to toss out some random predictions for the world of pro wrestling for 2013. Some may be pretty close, and some may seem... not so close, but at the worst they should all be plausible. Here are some of my random predictions for 2013. There's no real order or theme, but I'm just tossing out things that might happen next year. Ryback wins the WWE Championship John Cena turns heel CM Punk goes back to his "pipe bomb" character Hulk ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 3: Our Four Color Heroes

Special Guest RealMarchHare joins to discuss Comics To Film transitions. What helps make for good transitions, and what causes bad transitions. We give examples of what works, and what doesn't work. Direct Link - Geekville Episode 3 iTunes Page - ...continue reading