Movie Review: Fist Fighter (1988)

As none of you may know, there exists a crummy action movie from 1988 called Fist Fighter. It is called this despite the fact that it contains just a sprinkle of fighting. It's a cage-fighting movie that not only forgets about the cage, but around the halfway point transforms into a Cool Hand Luke knockoff starring Mexican action star Jorge Rivero.  Rivero, who appeared with John Wayne in Rio Lobo (1970) and also was in Italian splatter-maestro Lucio Fulci's 1983 sword-and-sandal art-film Conquest, ...continue reading

Geekville Episode 19: The King Of The Monsters

Time for another edition of The Geekville Podcast. EEGAH316 of the messageboard joins Zandrax to discuss the one and only King Of The Monsters, Godzilla. Learn about Godzilla's beginnings in 1954 and follow the timeline through to present day. It's Godzilla, rubber suits, miniatures... what's not to like? Geekville Podcast Episode 19: The King Of The Monsters Archives are available here The Geekville Podcast iTunes page is here Geekville Podcast iTunes Page Stitcher page is here Geekville ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 126: A Supernatural Visit

Episode 126 of the A1 Podcast is here! Jarret and Josh are off this week, so Norko and Seth welcome back David to talk heel wrestlers and managers. They all give examples of effective heels, and talk a little about the art. "Supernatural" Zac Vincent drops by to talk the upcoming NWA Smoky Mountain Cup happening on April 26. Vincent will be one of 12 people completing for an NWA World Title Shot, and he gives his thoughts on all the wrestlers involved. This is some exclusive discussion material ...continue reading

Movie Review: Bounty Hunters (2012)

To celebrate this year's WWE Hall of Fame class, I'd like to call your attention to a recent film starring one of the inductees.  No, not In the Land of Merry Misfits (2007) starring Bob Backlund alongside the likes of John Waters.  Yes, it's a real thing.  No, I haven't seen it yet, but I hope to track it down.  The film I'm referring to today would be Bounty Hunters (2012), starring my favorite lady rassler and a former leading candidate for the role of my life partner, Trish Stratus. Turns ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 18: Whovian Rhapsody

The next episode of The Geekville Podcast is available. Appropriately titled "Whovian Rhapsody", it covers thoughts, memories, and wishes from the Doctor Who franchise. Both the current and classic series are covered. Poster EEGAH316 makes his debut, as well as Mark from England, and a late run-in by Marcel. Mark has some excellent stories about meeting and interviewing various cast and crew over the years. The show runs approximately 90 minutes, but if you're a fan of the good Doctor, there is ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 125: The First Lady Of The Podcast

Time for the latest A1 Podcast. The Gang gives their thoughts on WrestleMania 29, the good the bad, and the boring. They also welcome former WWE Diva and The First Lady Of Ring Of Honor Maria Kanellis for an exclusive interview on wrestling, name association, TV shows, and her upcoming YouTube show. Direct Link A1 Podcast Episode 125: The First Lady Of The Podcast You can also catch up on past podcasts here The A1 Podcast Archive ...continue reading