Daniel Bryan Post Cryptic Tweet. Will Address Future On Raw

Daniel Bryan posted the following on his Twitter Everyone comes to a crossroads in their life and I’ve come to mine. I look forward to telling you all about it tonight on #Raw.— Daniel Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan) December 29, 2014 Bryan has been out of action for the better part of six months due to a neck injury. He had been considering a second surgery that would put a comeback in jeopardy. It's of course possible that this could be part of a storyline return. Retirement? Royal ...continue reading

A Brave New World?

Wow, the holidays are crazy at the asylum (no pun intended). Still, in the last few weeks I found time to sit down with the other inmates and do what I am sure many of you did: watch wrestling. The days of yore when the holiday season was a hot time for wrestling promotions seems to have passed, but there were some things to look forward to. Two of the things I looked forward to viewing were two of the things we had the boob tube here at the hospital tuned to: NXT's REvolution (lame play on words ...continue reading

SWEET CHRISTMAS! Luke Cage Has Been Cast!

After weeks of rumors, Mike Colter has officially been announced to portray Luke Cage in Marvel's Netflix series. He will join the already announced Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter, in the series AKA Jessica Jones. Colter is no stranger to genre titles, having portrayed Jameson Locke in Halo: Nightfall and Colonel in Men In Black III. He has also played the recurring character Lemond Bishop in CBS's hit drama The Good Wife for several seasons. Colter will don the trademark shades when the ...continue reading

Report: WWE Live, Winnipeg, Dec 20

I was able to attend the WWE live event in Winnipeg, Manitoba on December 20th. Earlier on in the day, I was having lunch at Hooters, and Erick Rowan, Justin Gabriel, and Adam Rose walked in shortly after I did. Random thought: Rose doesn't look anywhere near as tall as he does on TV. He's actually shorter than Gabriel. Here's a rundown of the card. Darren Young (minus the big fro) defeated Justin Gabriel. I don't know what he calls the move, but it was an overhead press, but then Young ...continue reading

Dixie Carter Talks To Jim Ross

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross has announced on his blog That he will interview TNA President Dixie Carter for his podcast. It's a fitting time for the interview, as Ross will be fresh off calling the New Japan WrestleKingdom show, and Impact Wrestling will be debuting on Destination America that week. January should be an interesting month for wrestling fans. Not only will there be WrestleKingdom on PPV and the re-debut/reboot of Impact, but New Japan will debut its weekly program on AXS TV. All ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 68: Hack Attack


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The Sony email hacks unearthed some interesting news about Spider-Man and Disney. Could your friendly neighborhood wall crawler become part of Marvel’s Phase Three plans? And if so, does Sony still get a say? And how the heck would a … Continue reading

NXT: Takeover REvolution – That was AWESOME

Let me start by saying, NXT is the Number One reason to have the WWE Network. If you are a fan of wrestling and miss how good it used to be, then you need to figure out how to spend the $9.99/month to have the WWE Network. It is that good. I'm ashamed to say that I don't watch weekly. I should correct myself. I didn't watch weekly. That all changes now. That's how good REvolution was last night. Now sure, I've tuned in to various episodes to check out someone's debut, or a really good match. ...continue reading