Throwback Thursday: The Retirement Of Verne Gagne

This week's Throwback Thursday looks at the retirement of Verne Gagne in 1981. Gagne dethroned hated rival Nick Bockwinkel in 1980, and held the title for approximately 10 months. Gagne announced his retirement, and went on to have this match against Bockwinkel in 1981 Gagne's career came to an end with a victory, but the AWA Title's future was in question. A tournament? A top contenders' match? How ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Verne Gagne vs. Dick The Bruiser

Chicago, circa 1957. Verne Gagne, two-time NWA United States champion for the Chicago Region, meets Dick The Bruiser in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match. This is before the AWA was founded, and Gagne was wrestling in NWA territories. Two Out Of Three Falls was actually a common format in the mid-century. The match took place in the now demolished Chicago International Amphitheatre. An Aramark plant now occupies the space where the building stood. ...continue reading

VIDEO: Jeff Hardy Injured In Motorcycle Accident

TNA President Dixie Carter tweeted today that TNA Tag Champion Jeff Hardy broke his leg in a motorcycle accident. Recently, footage has surfaced of the incident. As you can see, it happened on a dirt bike course during a high jump. Here is the footage As fate would have it, The Hardys recently won the vacant TNA Tag Team Titles. The titles had been vacated when Eddie Edwards broke his heel during a match. This makes the second straight tag ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Verne Gagne vs. Billy Robinson

In honor of the late Verge Gagne, we will be presenting a few of his great matches over the next few days. Verne was truly an innovator. Not only did he for the AWA promotion, trained the likes of Rick Flair and Ricky Steamboat, and feature guys like Hulk Hogan and Mean Gene Okerlund on a national stage before WWF, but he even produced his own film The Wrestler in 1974. This is of course not to be confused with the 2009 Mickey Rourke film of the same name. Gagne's onscreen rival in The ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 230: Extreme Rules Review

Normailty has been restored to The A1 Podcast. The whole gang is back to discuss Extreme Rules, the matches and the fallout. Was it a good show? Or was is skippable? Did the gimmick matches enhance the show? Or did too many gimmicks hurt it? We also give thoughts on Billy Corgan getting hired in a creative capacity for TNA Impact Wrestling. What can we expect? And is Corgan a good choice as an outsider coming in? Plus, we pay respects to the late Verne Gagne, who left such a lasting impression ...continue reading

Episode 230: Extreme Rules Rreview

WWE Extreme Rules is in the history books, and the entire panel is here to give a complete review. Every match and all the major new points are talked about. In TNA News, Billy Corgan has been given a position in TNA Crative, what does this mean for Impact? We also talk about the passing of the legendary Verne Gagne.

Match Of The Day: Son Of Havoc, Ivelisse, & Anjelico vs. The Crew, Lucha Underground

This past week, Lucha Underground aired the finals of its Trios Tournament. The makeshift trio of Son Of Havoc (Matt Cross), Ivelisse (formerly from Tough Enough), and Anjelico won the actual tournament. However, owner Dario Cueto made them wrestle the fresh team of The Crew in order to lay claim to the Trios Championship Matt Striker and Vampiro call the action Lucha Underground airs Wednesday Nights on El Rey Network. ...continue reading

Sesame Street Releases Avengers Parody, Awesomeness Ensues

Sesame Street has released a mock trailer for "The Aveggies", a parody of The Avengers. With names like Onion Man, Black Bean Widow, and Captain Americauliflower, the jokes start very quickly. Rather than have it described to you, just watch the link below and let your inner child and inner geek laugh along... ...continue reading

King Of The Ring Returns, Beginning Tonight!

WWE has dusted off another concept, The King Of The Ring Tournament. According to, the finals will air exclusively on the WWE Network. WWE also claims "Continuing the action from Monday's Raw", so that would indicate that the tournament will begin on tonight's Raw. This will be the first King Of The Ring tournament in five years. The last tournament took place in 2010 on Raw, with Sheamus defeating John Morrison in the finals. Past King Of The Ring winners include Harley Race, ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 81: Sharing Universes

Things are returning to normal at the Geekville Podcast Studios. Train joins to help finish up the talk on Star Wars Celebration. Final coverage of Star Wars Celebration, featuring looks at panels from Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams, and a look at the Season 2 trailer for Star Wars Rebels. In DC news, we look at the trailer for Batman v Superman Dawn Of Justice, Jared Leto's Joker, and the announced spin-off for Flash and Arrow. Streaming Link courtesy of Stitcher Direct Link ...continue reading