Geekville Podcast Episode 104: Supergirl Review an Halloween Fun

The much anticipated Supergirl TV series debuted this past Monday to the tune of 12.9 million viewers. Since it's from the same team that gave us Arrow and Flash it had some shoes to fill. RealMarchHare returns to the show to join Train and Seth in a thorough review of the pilot. Does it stack up to Arrow and Flash, or is it a disappointment? In the latter half of the show, Seth and Train take a fun Halloween turn by talking Halloween party music. What should be in any Halloween Jam? Some ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Ric Flair vs. Chris Adams

World Class Championship Wrestling, circa 1984 - "Nature Boy" Ric Flair was in his Second NWA World Title reign. Here in Texas based WCCW, Flair defended the title of against one of the top babyfaces in the territory, "Gentleman" Chris Adams. With the crowd solidly behind the English challenger, Adams took the match to Flair and shows why he was one of the most respected workers of the 1980s. Legendary announcer Bill Mercer calls the action. ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 259: Halloween Special – A Look At The Undertaker

WWE had a better than usual PPV effort in Hell In A Cell this past Sunday. Norko, Seth, and Jarret are here to thoroughly run down the show with thoughts on all the matches and storylines, including the closing angle involving Undertaker and The Wyatt Family. They also talk the "double juicing" that happened in the main event match between 'Taker and BA-RACK LESNARRR. Did blood add to the match? Or was it not needed? Then, in a special Halloween themed Prime Cut, the panel look at the 30 year ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch vs. Tito Santana & Rocky Johnson

World Wrestling Federation, 1984 - Hated WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis and Dick Murdoch were enjoying what became a lengthy title run. On June 17th in Minnesota they faced the hero tandem of Tito Santana and Rocky Johnson. Rocky may be best remembered by the current generation as the father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, but he had a very successful career in his own right. In fact, it was Johnson and tag team partner Tony Atlas as The Soul Patrol who held the tag titles before Adonis & ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: CM Punk vs. AJ Styles. Yes, it happened…

Ring Of Honor, 2004 - In what is surely a dream match today, two independent standouts met at Ring Of Honor's second anniversary show. CM Punk, one year before his ROH World Championship reign, faced off against former NWA World Champion AJ Styles. This was a tournament final for the ROH Pure Wrestling Title. It was also at a time when TNA talent were still able to work ROH shows. ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 103: The Force Awakens Trailer

Disney broke the internet yet again with the latest and final trailer for The Force Awakens. If you've been encased in carbonite for the last few days, here it is. Seth and Crazy Train return to give a thorough examination and dissection of not nly the trailer, but the final poster, which you can see here. What did we see? What nuggets or Easter Eggs were dropped that the average person might have missed? And where the heck is Luke Skywalker ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 258: Hell In A Cell Preview

WWE's Hell In A Cell PPV is this Sunday. Norko is joined by Josh, Seth and special guest Dave Maes. Together they give a complete rundown of the PPV card, complete with predictions. How good does this show look on paper? What might become of Kane? Who will face John Cena? Then it's from Preview to Review as Dave and Josh give a zinger filled review of the latest episode of Southern States Wrestling. You can check out the episode below. All ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 102: The Star Wars vs. Star Trek Debate

The first live (mostly) Geekville Podcast took place over the weekend in Ohio's Con On The Cob convention. Hear Seth as a panelist in the age old "Star Wars vs. Star Trek" debate. However, rather than talk "Enterprise vs. Star Destroyer" for the umpteenth time, the discussion takes more of a political and philosophical take. This has a take on the discussion you won't hear anywhere else. Also joining the show, Clint aka Vengeful Jedi from GeekDig Cast, and Kylan And Ken from Geek Watch One. Streaming ...continue reading