Geekville Podcast Episode 108: Jessica Jones Review

Marvel gave us a double whammy over the past week with the long awaited Jessica Jones season on Netflix, and the release of the first Captain America Civil War trailers. RealMarchHare and Crazy Train join Zandrax to discuss both in depth. What are some of the hints and easter eggs found in this mind-blowing trailer? Does it appear to follow the comics? And how cool did Black Panther look? In Star Wars news, George Lucas talked being done with ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 263: Survivor Series 2015 Review

WWE Presented their annual Thanksgiving time tradition with The Survivor Series PPV/Network Event. Special Guest David McKinney of South Atlanta Wrestling, who attended the show live, joins the show to give an in-person perspective. Was Roman Reigns over? How did the crowd react to Sheamus's cash-in and victory? In other news, TNA Wrestling has announced that Impact will be moving to PopTV in January following a one-year run on Destination America. What is the eclectic history of PopTV, specifically ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Jerry Lawler

AWA, 1984 - Nick Bockwinkel, at the ripe young age of 49, was in his third reign as AWA World Champion. Almost a full decade before making his WWE debut, Jerry "The King" Lawler, arguably at the prime of his career, challenged the champion for the title on New Year's Day 1984. ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Bruiser Brody

Southwest Championship Wrestling, 1980s - Nick Bockwinkel made a stop in Texas to defend his AWA World Heavyweight Championship against the crazed Bruiser Brody. Brody, a legitimate tough man behind the scenes, had a real clash of styles with the more scientific Bockwinkel. ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast Episode 107: The Bikini Controversy

In an unconfirmed rumor that is sweeping the internet, Disney is said to be eliminating all forms of the Jabba Palace "Slave Leia" outfit. Fellow Star Wars geek (and father of two daughters) Crazy Train joins to talk the rumor. Is this a big deal to the fandom? And what does it mean for collecting? Also, Supergirl, Flash, and Agents Of SHIELD are all hitting their stride this season. Train and Seth talk all three shows, plus a little Arrow. What is working well and what was being done better ...continue reading

November 18th In Pop Culture

1928 - Steamboat Willie debuts in theaters. This of course goes down in history as the first onscreen appearance of Mickey Mouse. 1949 - Jackie Robinson wins the National League MVP 1963 - The modern touchtone phone is introduced by Bell 1983 - A Christmas Story is released in theaters. Initially only a modest success upon release, the film became a household favorite on video and TV broadcasts. 1985 ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Jumbo Tsuruta, 1978

All Japan, 1978 - Long before dethroning Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA World Title in 1984, Jumbo Tsuruta faced Bickwinkel on his own grounds in All Japan. At the time, Tsuruta was the NWA United National Champion, one of the title that would go on to become part of the All Japan Triple Crown Championship. A title that Tsuruta would hold on three occasions. Bockwinkel of course was in the middle of his first, and longest, AWA World heavyweight title reign. ...continue reading

November 17th In Pop Culture History! #4 Will Make You Feel Old…

#1: 1968 - The infamous "Heidi Bowl" incident aired on NBC. An AFC Football game pitting The Oakland Raiders against rival New York Jets. With 65 seconds to play in the game, NBC went to a commercial break with The Jets leading 32-29. Instead of continuing to air the game, NBC premiered their TV movie adaption of the famous book Heidi. As such, millions of viewers missed out on one of the greatest rallies in sports history when The Raiders managed to score twice in the final minute and win the game ...continue reading