Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: “Pyramids Of Mars” Commentary

Examining The Doctor dives into one of the all time classic Doctor Who stories, Pyramids Of Mars starring Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor. Mark and Seth provide real time commentary on the episode, with Mark providing exclusive insight into production, props, and history. You won't get information like this anywhere else, so it's a must listen for Classic Doctor Who fans. If you don't already own this gem of a story, you can pick it up at Amazon. Order through Amazon Prime ad get free two day shipping, ...continue reading

Sci-Fi Saturday: Attack From Space (1965)

The mid Sixties had a plethora of independent and international sci-fi films. Just watch your typical episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for evidence. One such cheesefest was 1964's Attack From Space. Ardent Japanese sci-fi fans know that the film is actually a re-editing of two episodes of a sci-fi TV series called Super Giant, but here it is presented in how Americans saw it in B-Movie drive-ins. ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Dead: Walking Dead Is BACK! Plus The Literature/Horror Mashup Fad

Better late than never! Examining The Dead returns for the monthly excursion into The Zombie Apocalypse. Perhaps the biggest news is the return of The Walking Dead in its Season 6.5 premiere. Crazy Train is back to talk all the major stories, and of course who died. It's a fun listen for any Walking Dead fan. In other zombie news, Ash vs. Evil Dead wrapped recently, and Seth and Train cover the season finale and speculate on what is to come for Season Two. Will Pablo and Kelly be back? And ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: Here Comes The Money! Fastlane Review!

WWE Fastlane is in the record books, and the panel is back to cover all the matches and news coming out of the show. However, the biggest news isn't what happened at the PPV, but the following night on Monday Night Raw when SHANE MCMAHON made his triumphant return to The WWE. What does Shane-O-Mac's return mean for the future of WWE? And what can we expect from a Hell In The Cell Match with The Undertaker? All this, plus tech talk in the final segment! Another fun-filled A1 Podcast! Streaming ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: Deadpool Movie Review

It's Deadpool, Deadpool, and more Deadpool at The Geekville Podcast! RealMarchHare returns to the show to help give a rundown of the Merc With A Mouth's record setting feature film. You'll hear from one of the biggest Deadpool fans around about how well the movie depicted the character. Hare and Seth also talk the potential future of R-Rated superhero movies. All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Podcast! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - The Geekville Podcast On Stitcher Direct ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: “Thank You, Bryan!”

It's a mega-sized episode this week headlined by the sudden retirement of Daniel Bryan. The regular panel (Norko, Josh, Jarret, and Seth) are joined by special guest panelist "DashEight" Dave Maes to talk Bryan's career. They chronicle his humble beginnings on the independents up through his impressive WWE run. This is a must hear for any Daniel Bryan fan. In other WWE news, Titus O'Neil was suspended for grabbing Vince McMahon's arm after Bryan's retirement speech. Was the punishment appropriate? Wade ...continue reading

Thank You, Bryan

It's a mega sized show this week headlined by the sudden retirement of Daniel Bryan. The whole panel is back and joined by guest Dave Maes to talk Daniel Bryan's career and memories of his matches. In other news, Titus O'Neil was suspended for grabbing Vince McMahon's arm during Bryan's retirement speech, and Wade Barrett has been rumored to be leaving WWE. WWE has announced the Global Cruiserweight Series for their network. on the independent scene, Norko, Dave, and Seth review Night One of PWG's ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor “The Witch’s Familiar” Commentary Track

Part two of our commentary on the Series 9 Premiere. Seth, Mark, and Greg return to give real time thoughts on "The Witch's Familiar". The good, the bad, and the silly are all discussed. Just play the track in sync with the episode and you're set! It's like Mystery Science Theater mixed with Doctor Who history! Fun for Doctor Who fans of all types. And there are plenty of Dalek Poo jokes to go around... If you don't own the episode, you can get it streaming or on DVD from Amazon Prime! Streaming ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Daniel Bryan vs. Hideo Itami… Sort Of

Pro Wrestling NOAH, 2008 - Bryan Danielson (aka Daniel Bryan) was quite the name on the independent scene. By this time he had held the ROH World Title, PWG World Title, FIP Championship, and more. Here he is defending the GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship against KENTA, now known as Hideo Itami in NXT. ...continue reading