Geekville Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Part One

It's a show so big, it had to be cut in half. Seth and Train are joined by special guest Vengeful Jedi Clint from The GeekDig Podcast to talk all things San Diego Comic-Con. This first part looks at DC and Marvel movie news, as well as Marvel TV. Doctor Strange, Justice Leage, Wonder Woman, Agents of SHIELD, and more are talked about in length. If you're waiting for a superhero movie or TV show, this is the episode for you! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - The Geekville Podcast On Stitcher Direct ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: Battleground Review And The New Era

A loaded show this week! WWE Battleground is in the history books. Was this a PPV worthy show? Or was it run of the mill? Norko, Jarret, Josh, and Set give a complete review of the PPV, complete with match by match results. On top of that we got the latest New Era with the debut of the post brand split Raw and Smackdown. Which show got off on its best foot? Was this some quality wrestling? What do you think of this New Era? Let us know what you think! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Dead: San Diego Comic Con News

We're back! No we're not dead, we just examine the dead. Seth and Train return to discuss the new Netflix series Stranger Things, and why any 80s child should check it out. Plus Train talks the woes of Red Dead Redemption coming to XBox 1. In the meat (or is it brains?) of the show, Seth and Train talk news coming out of The San Diego Comic Con, especially the trailers and panels for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. Also, there's a lot of fun in the trailers for Ash vs. Evil ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: WWE Draft Reaction

WWE Battleground is right around the corner. Norko, Jarret, Josh, and Seth all return to give a full preview of all the announced matches, complete with match predictions. Who wins the WWE World Title on Sunday? Some of the picks might surprise you. The main segment of the show focuses on the WWE Draft between Raw and Smackdown. Who got picked? And who got called up to the main roster? In other news, Brock Lesnar has reportedly failed a pair of drug tests. What doe this mean for his UFC ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: The Caves Of Androzani Part Two

Part Two of The Caves Of Androzani finds The Doctor and Peri facing a Firing Squad (or does it?). Throughout the episode, the political struggle between Androzani Major and Androzani Minor is fleshed out, Sharaz Jek's role is defines, and we get some wonderfully silly shots of The Magma Creature. Still, despite the budgetary issues, the elements of greatness shine through in this second installment of what is now the Guinness Book Of World Records Holder as The Greatest Doctor Who Story Of ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: Rogue One News, Ghostbusters Review, And Who’s Dead In Civil War II

Star Wars Celebration Europe happened over the weekend, and Seth and Crazy Train cover the news about the characters of Rogue One. Who's who? And what are they doing? And will it be a classic feeling Star Wars movie? In the main event part of the show, both Seth and Crazy Train review the controversial new Ghostbusters movie. Is the two years of pre-release hate justified? How does it hold up to the original? And most importantly, is it funny? In the final segment of the show, Seth spills ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: Iron Girl?

It's a news filled episode of The Geekville Podcast! News broke last week that Marvel is replacing Tony Stark with a 15 year old girl, Riri Williams. Does this mean anything for Civil War II? And wat's to become of old Shellhead? Seth and Crazy Train tackle all these questions when talking about the major change to one of Marvel's biggest characters. In other MCU news, Chloe Bennett dropped hints about Daisy's mindset in the upsoming Season 4 of Agents Of SHIELD. Plus, there is speculation ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: The 2016 A1 Fantasy Draft

The annual July tradition of The A1 Draft returns just in time for the real life WWE Draft. Listen as Josh, Jarret, Norko, and Seth all make their roster draft picks to make their own fantasy promotion. Unlike previous years, this fantasy draft allows for selections from any era. 1984 Hulkamania Hogan? 1997 NWO Hollywood Hogan? Ed "Strangler" Lewis? All are eligible in what is one of the most unpredictable popular episodes of The A1 Podcast every year! All this, plus random 80s TV references, ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: The Caves Of Androzani Part One

1984 was a pivotal year for Doctor Who. It saw not only the departure of three companions, but the departure of The Fifth Doctor himself, Peter Davison. Thankfully Davison's swansong was an epic tale worthy of a regeneration story. The Doctor and newfound companion Peri find themselves on the barren planet of Androzani Minor, and are quickly mistaken for gunrunning terrorists. The Doctor is quick to learn that there's more than meets the eye this planet, and he and Peri soon find themselves ...continue reading

20 Years Ago Today: The Birth Of The NWO

One of the most successful angles in wrestling history began 20 years ago today, when Hulk Hogan shocked the world by forming The New World Order with the invading Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. For weeks Hall and Nash had been disrupting WCW television, threatening to "go to war" with WCW. It all lead to Bash At The Beach on July 7th, 1997. A climactic six man tag. Or so we thought... Happy Birthday ...continue reading