A1 Podcast: New Universal Champ!

It's a news-filled week here for The A1 Podcast, and Norko, Josh, Jarret, and Seth are here to tackle it all! On Monday Kevin Owens because the second ever WWE Universal Champion, and seemingly formed an alliance with HHH. Is WWE really wunning with KO on top? Or is this another transition? In breaking news, the panel discusses the imminent departure of Alberto Del Rio. What is next for ADR, and where could he be headed? On top of that, The Miz cut a very controversial promo on Daniel Bryan ...continue reading

Geekville Presents examining The Doctor: Vengeance On Varos Part Two

One of the darkest and most violent (for its time) Doctor Who stories continues in Vengeance On Varos Part Two. Join Seth and Mark as they bring their signature blend of knowledge and humor into this controversial installment into the classic Doctor Who lore. Colin Baker weilding a gun, Peri being turned into a bird, The Governor instituting hanging... All are adressed in this unique installment with insight you won't hear anywhere else! Streaming Link from Stitcher - Examining The Doctor ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: CON LIFE!

A more personal show this week, as Seth tells Train about two major panels at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. Namely the Back To The Future and Daredevil panels. What were the favorite lines and scenes of Michael J Fox, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd's? What songs would Elektra, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson sing at late night karaoke? All these questions and more are answered! Plus commentary on some fo the amazing cosplay artists, and talk of the new female Iron Man: Ironheart! Plus a whole ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: Vengeance On Varos Part One

Welcome to the mid 1980's, when music and colors were loud. Colin Baker was in his first full fledged season as The Doctor, with Nicola Bryant's Peri by his side. Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner, aka JNT, was in full control of the show. This is when the show was at its most controversial times, and when it arguably had some of its best and worst episodes at the same time. This brings us to our next Examining The Doctor subject, Vengeance On Varos. Most definitely controversial for its ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: Summerslam and NXT Takeover Previews

A huge week ahead for WWE as they present not only a SIX HOUR Summerslam special, but another live NXT event in Brooklyn. Join Norko, Jarret, Josh, and Dash 8 Dave as they give a full top to bottom preview of both shows, complete with predictions on match results. Compare your pick 'ems with the hosts! Also Norko reports on an independent show debacle that left a lot of people unpaid for appearances. How does something like this happen? All this and more in another fun filled A1 Podcast! Streaming ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: Suicide Squad Review, Arrowverse News, and Oh Yeah A Rogue One Trailer!

A jam packed, news filled show this week that kicks off with analysis of the new Rogue One trailer. A ton of news on the Arrowverse from the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour including DOLPH LUNDGREN in Arrow Season 5, another Flash and Supergirl crossover, and Kevin Smith directing both Flash and Supergirl in the 2016-2017 season. The main segment of the show focuses on a thorough (that means SPOILERS) review of the mega successful and controversial Suicide Squad film! All this ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: The Caves Of Androzani Part Four

Mark returns to The TARDIS to join Seth in examining the final installment of the greatest Doctor Who story of all time, The Caves Of Androzani. Seth and Mark bring their unique blend of knowledge and humor to provide unique insight into this classic. Join us for the final episode in Peter Davison's run as The Fifth Doctor! Streaming Link from Stitcher - Examining The Doctor On Stitcher Direct Download - Examining The Doctor: The Caves Of Androzani Part Four iTunes Feed - Geekville Presents ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: 300th Episode Celebration!

It's been a crazy ride, but our milestone 300th episode is here! Norko, Jarret, Josh, and returning guest Dash Eight Dave return for a look at the news, as well as favorite memories over the past five years. Plus, they review last week's Cruiserweight Classic, including the excellent Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Chiampa match. Not only that, Norko goes NUTS with his vocal doppelgangers of the other panelists. It's the audio equivalent of a puppet show! All this and more craziness in a landmark ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Doctor: The Caves Of Androzani Part Three

It's a very different episode of Examining The Doctor this week, as it lacks two thirds of its Time Lords. Seth is forced to pilot his TARDIS solo while examining Part Three of The Caves Of Androzani. See The Magma Beast in all it's glory, and the political intrigue that develops between Morgus and The President. But most importantly, see why this is named The Greatest Doctor Who Story of all time! Streaming Link from Stitcher - Examining The Doctor On Stitcher Direct Download - Examining ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: San Diego Comic Con Part Two

It's teh second half of our monster sized San Diego Comic Con episode! Join Seth, Train, and special guest VengefulJedi as they talk Arrowverse news (Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends Of Tomorrow) and what we can expect for the giant four-way crossover. Plus talk on Gotham, Once Upon A Time, Kong: Skull Island, Agents Of SHIELD, and a whole lot more in another fun-filled Geekville Podcast. Check out VengefulJedi's podcasts at GeekDig Podcast! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - The ...continue reading