Match Of The Day: Junkyard Dog vs. Ted Dibiase

Mid-South, 1982 – Ted Dibiase, years before becoming The Million Dollar Man, was set to face Top Heel Bob Roop for The North American Championship. Instead, Top Babyface Junkyard Dog, frequent tag team partner of Dibiase, got the match and won the title. Shortly thereafter, a match was booked between Dog and Dibiase.

Video has interviews with Dog, Dibiase, and former champion Roop, as well as the full match.

A1 Podcast: Fastlane Review

Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - A1 Podcast On Stitcher Direct Link - A1 Podcast Episode 335 iTunes Page - A1 Podcast on iTunes WWE's Fastlane PPV is in the history books with some surprising, and quite frankly head-scratching finishes. The entire panel of Norko, Jarret, Josh, and Seth return to review the entire show top to bottom... Well except the pre-show. Was it right for Roman Reigns to beat Braun Strowman? Or for Bayley to break Charlotte's streak? Or for Owens to lose so ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Terry Gordy vs. Killer Khan Texas Death Match

World Class, 1984 - World Class from Texas was a prime territory in the early 1980s. It was a main platform for the legendary Freebirds vs. Von Erichs feud. However, the hated Killer Khan was so evil, it lead to Kerry Von Erich refereeing a Texas Death Match between Khan and Freebird Terry Gordy The rules for a Texas Death Math are No Disqualifications, No Countouts. Anything Goes. After a Pinfall Loss, a wrestler must respond by a count of ten. It's by modern day standards a Last Man Standing ...continue reading

Throwback Thursday: Barry Windham Joins The Horsemen

Jim Crockett Promotions, 1988 - The Horsemen were on fire in their incarnation of Ric Flair, Arn & Ole Anderson, and Tully Blanchard. Lex Luger had been kicked out of The Horsemen earlier in the year, and befriended babyface Barry Windham. The team won the NWA World Tag Team Titles at the first Clash Of The Champions. That lead to the rematch, where one of the most infamous heel turns in wrestling history happened. Tony Schiavone and David Crockett call the action ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Randy Savage vs. Rick Rude

Memphis, 1984 - The Memphis territory was a wrestling hotbed for decades. Anybody who was anybody went through Memphis. Long before WWE had Raw, Monday Night was wrestling night at The Mid-South Coliseum. One such legend who had many memorable bouts in Memphis was "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Here he battles the hated Rick Rude, who had recently come off a feud with top hero Jerry "The King" Lawler. Rude is accompanied to the ring by manager Jimmy Hart, while Savage's father Angelo Poffo is in his ...continue reading

A1 Podcast: Fastlane Preview

Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - A1 Podcast On Stitcher Direct Link - A1 Podcast Episode 334 iTunes Page - A1 Podcast on iTunes RSS Feed - A1 Podcast RSS Feed WWE Raw's Fastlane PPV is around the corner, and the whole panel is back to give a full preview complete with predictions for all the matches. The card as of recording time is: Universal Championship: Kevin Owens(c) vs. Goldberg Roman Reigns vs. The Braun Strowman Cruiserweight Championship: Neville(c) vs. Jack ...continue reading

Match Of The Day: Roddy Piper vs. Luke Williams Hair vs. Hair

PNW, 1980 – Roddy Piper became a major territorial star, wrestling for Don Owen’s Portland promotion Pacific Northwest Wrestling. Three other top heels were Buddy Rose and The New Zealand Kiwis. The Kiwis would of course go on to become The Sheepherders, and then The Bushwackers in WWE.

This segment contains promos from both sides and the match itself.