Star Trek Is 50! Kirk vs. Picard, Favorite Characters, Best Movies, And More!

Star Trek is officially 50 years old. Special Guest Will, who talked Trek last year Discussion includes: Early memories of Star Trek in the Chicago area Why Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is the best character The age old Kirk vs. Picard debate Best episodes of both The Original Series (TOS) and The Next Generation (TNG) Top three movie rankings, and why odd-numbered Trek movies can still be considered good You can watch Star ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: TV Trailers, New Deathstroke

It's trailer heavy talk this week. First up, the latest Flash Season 3 teaser Plus we have the latest Agents Of SHIELD Season 4 trailer, featuring Ghost Rider's Charger Not only that, we have the latest peek at Luke Cage All this, plus talk on Joe Manganiello cast as Deathstroke for the upcoming Ben Affleck solo Batman film, and more in another ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: News, Lesser Known Superheroes, and a Gene Wilder Tribute

It's a light news week, so Seth and Train talk two lesser known superheroes that still have a long history behind them. Plus there's leaked Deathstroke footage from an upcoming DC movie, and Mark Hamill dropping hints about the future of Luke Skywalker. In addition, Geekvile pays tribute to the late great actor and filmmaker Gene Wilder. All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Podcast! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - The Geekville Podcast On Stitcher Direct Link - Geekville ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: Suicide Squad Review, Arrowverse News, and Oh Yeah A Rogue One Trailer!

A jam packed, news filled show this week that kicks off with analysis of the new Rogue One trailer. A ton of news on the Arrowverse from the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour including DOLPH LUNDGREN in Arrow Season 5, another Flash and Supergirl crossover, and Kevin Smith directing both Flash and Supergirl in the 2016-2017 season. The main segment of the show focuses on a thorough (that means SPOILERS) review of the mega successful and controversial Suicide Squad film! All this ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Part One

It's a show so big, it had to be cut in half. Seth and Train are joined by special guest Vengeful Jedi Clint from The GeekDig Podcast to talk all things San Diego Comic-Con. This first part looks at DC and Marvel movie news, as well as Marvel TV. Doctor Strange, Justice Leage, Wonder Woman, Agents of SHIELD, and more are talked about in length. If you're waiting for a superhero movie or TV show, this is the episode for you! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - The Geekville Podcast On Stitcher Direct ...continue reading

Geekville Presents Examining The Dead: San Diego Comic Con News

We're back! No we're not dead, we just examine the dead. Seth and Train return to discuss the new Netflix series Stranger Things, and why any 80s child should check it out. Plus Train talks the woes of Red Dead Redemption coming to XBox 1. In the meat (or is it brains?) of the show, Seth and Train talk news coming out of The San Diego Comic Con, especially the trailers and panels for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. Also, there's a lot of fun in the trailers for Ash vs. Evil ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: Rogue One News, Ghostbusters Review, And Who’s Dead In Civil War II

Star Wars Celebration Europe happened over the weekend, and Seth and Crazy Train cover the news about the characters of Rogue One. Who's who? And what are they doing? And will it be a classic feeling Star Wars movie? In the main event part of the show, both Seth and Crazy Train review the controversial new Ghostbusters movie. Is the two years of pre-release hate justified? How does it hold up to the original? And most importantly, is it funny? In the final segment of the show, Seth spills ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: X-Men To The MCU? Plus More Arrow News

Bettwr late than never. This week's news addresses the rumor that Marvel has met with 20th Century Fox executives about a "Spider-Man like" deal that would allow Fox licensed Marvel properties to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It may just be a rumor, but if true that could open up a huge opportunity for character interaction. Who could be most likely to jump into the MCU? Wolverine? Deadpool? Cyclops? In Arrowverse news, Cody Rhodes is set to resume his onscreen feud with Stephen Amell/Oliver ...continue reading

Geekville Podcast: E3 News, Plus Rogue One And Flarrowverse Cast News

It's been one busy news week! Superman has been officially cast for the second season of Supergirl. Seth and Crazy Train look at the casting of Tyler Hoechlin, and what he might bring to the table. In other Flarrowverse news, casting for three new characters have been made official. Artemis, Vigilante, and Tobias Church are all entering Star City. What does this mean for Ollie? And what can we hope for with Season Five? On top of that, the official synopsis for the Justice League movie ...continue reading

Geekville podcast: Superman To National City

Andrew Kreisberg announced that Superman will be making a full blown appearance in Supergirl Season Two. This means we are getting more than just his silhouette or his boot. This announcement sparked a lot of speculation in the fan community. Could this be connected to Batman V. Superman? Will they hire a known actor? Tom Welling perhaps? Seth and Crazy Train tackle all those ideas and more on this exciting Supergirl news. Also in Supergirl news, CW executive Pedowski announced that there ...continue reading