A1-Wrestling.com features several entertaining, informative, and fun podcasts for listeners of all backgrounds.

The A1 Podcast

The A1 Podcast is a weekly roundtable format discussion on professional wrestling, pop culture, and technology. The panel focuses primarily on North American wrestling, and discusses the results of weekly programs from WWE and TNA, as well as independent wrestling federations. We also feature industry stars as special guests, as well as our successful “Prime Cut” series, where we focus our discussion on a single aspect of pro wrestling (ie: tag teams, finishing moves, characters, WrestleMania, etc.). The podcast also features the A1-Wrestling.com Thread Of The Week from right here on our message board, our popular segment “Sound Off”, and much more!

You can now join us on the A1-Wrestling Podcast! There’s several ways you can reach us if you’d like to join us for a show, or leave a comment/feedback or ask a question:

  • If you’re a member of the board, just message any of the panelists and let us know you want to be on the show (Prime, SupTool, SouthpawJosh, and Zandrax)!
  • To join us on Skype, add octopusprime99 as a contact.
  • Follow our official podcast account on Twitter @a1wpodcast, or feel free to contact the individual podcast members (Jarret: @jarretabury5150, Norko: @thebottomline, or Josh: @southpawjosh!)

The podcast is recorded Monday nights and usually posted for streaming here on the site on Wednesday afternoon, and is also available on iTunes! You can also load the show in the podcast player of your choice via the RSS feed, or stream via Stitcher.

Member Podcasts

A1-Wrestling.com is the proud founder of the A1 Radio Network, a group of podcasts who A1-Wrestling.com helps host, and where the groups cross-promote each other in the interests of mutual growth.

There are two other members of the A1 Radio Network, the Geekville Podcast, and the You Just Got Fragged Podcast.

The Geekville Podcast

The Geekville Podcast is dedicated to villains and heroes, comic books and movies, and everything in between. Check out the show on the and engage your inner comic book character!

The show is hosted by Zandrax, and he is usually joined by special guests, and is recorded when they have time. If you’d like to be part of the show, suggest a topic, or otherwise be involved please contact one of them on our message board.

You can subscribe to the Geekville Podcast on iTunes, or stream episodes from the main list or via Stitcher.

Due to popular interest, Geekville has started its own spinoff show “Geekville Presents: Examining The Doctor”, a monthly look at Doctor Who. Starting all the way at the beginning with William Hartnell in 1963, each episode focuses on a specific incarnation and era of The Doctor. If you’re a Doctor Who novie or expert, you’ll likely still find something to learn. The show can be found on iTunes, and of course on Stitcher. You can also use the podcast player of your choice and subscribe to the RSS Feed.

The A1 Lounge Podcast

The A1 Lounge is open! Join Norko and Jarret (along with their special guests) as they talk about the topic of the day and provide their entertaining – and unfiltered – opinions on anything and everything from current events to entertainment and everything from A to Z.

Check out The A1 Lounge on iTunes!

The You Just Got Fragged Podcast

YJGF is a clan of video gamers that have been playing games together for years, and now they’ve joined up to host their own video game podcast. ForsakenPrime, Heffacholypse, ScifDaddyo, and SuperMegaFordyce talk about what they’re currently playing, what they’re looking forward to, Top 10 lists, Gripes, and in-depth console, game, and mobile analysis.

Check them out at YouJustGotFragged.com

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