WWE Live Sept 30 in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Jarret attended the WWE Live show in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, on September 30th, and here are the results from the show. This was a pretty huge card as far as recent Winnipeg house shows go. All the RAW titles - yes ALL of them, including the Universal Championship (Brock at a house show?!?) were defended, and all of the big names were in the house. Here are the match results. Jo Jo is our host and ring announcer. (1) Finn Balor pinned Bray Wyatt with the Coup de Grace. (2) Neville beat ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 267: Unintentional Hilarity

It's a light news week, and since nobody cares about The Slammys, The A1 Panel (minus Josh, who may have won a Slammy for all we know) delves into unintentionally hilarious promos. Sid, Scott Steiner, Ernie Ladd, and Magnum TA are all present for unintentional silliness. Jarret attended a WWE house show in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. You can see the exclusive pictures here All this and more in a news filled A1 Podcast! Streaming Link courtesy Stitcher - A1 Podcast On Stitcher Direct ...continue reading