A1 Podcast Episode 218: The Podcast Heard Round The World

Our apologies for the delay in release. We had technical issues. Those responsible have been flogged. With Norko off for the week, Seth takes over hosting duties, so brace yourself. Steve Austin's now famous podcast interview with HHH is discussed in depth. Was it a shoot? Was it a work? What do we think of what he said? Were there implications on Roman? Where does this leave Bryan? All this and more is looked at. On top of that, given it's Valentine's Day season, each panelist gives an example ...continue reading

Why John Cena *Should* Turn Heel

Friend of A1-Wrestling.com TH wrote a piece on his blog earlier today about why John Cena will never turn heel. Rightly so, Tom talks about the incredible amount of fantastic charity work that Cena does, and points that out as why Cena wouldn't turn heel. I respectfully disagree. This would be a valid reason "back in the day" when kayfabe actually mattered. During the "old school days", faces and heels wouldn't dare even ride the same bus together, or be caught dead having a beer in the ...continue reading