A1 Podcast: Backlash Preview, PWI 500, and Paige Leaves WWE

Better late than never! It's a busy week with the upcoming Backlash PPV. The original trio of Norko, Jarret, and Seth return to give a rundown of all the known matches. Will we see the crowning of AJ Styles as the new World Heavyweight Champion? Or will Dean Ambrose retain? In other wrestling news, Pro Wrestling Illustrated has released their annual PWI 500 list. The kayfabed list of the 500 greatest wrestlers in the world always sparks controversy every year, and this year is no exception ...continue reading

A1 Podcast Episode 252: The Top 20

It's another week of news, some of it unexpected, and some of it rather... well... strange. Superfly Jimmy Snuka was officially charged with Third Degree Murder in a case that stems back over 30 years. What took this long? And why was the case reopened? In happier news, John Laurinaitis has gotten engaged to The Bellas mother. That has to be an interesting sight at the Thanksgiving table. The panel has some good natured fun imagining this new happy family in a sitcom. Lana broke her wrist ...continue reading