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Wrestling & MMA / Do you think WWE is serious with Braun?
« on: May 06, 2017, 10:26:58 PM »
Meaning that after Braun loses to Roman in the eventual rematch, they'll continue to push Braun as a major force in WWE and not just relegate him to a lesser role like they've done to so many big hosses in the past, the most recent being Rusev?

Wrestling & MMA / Can the "list" gimmick still work for Jericho as a face?
« on: February 24, 2017, 11:36:44 PM »

I'm torn on this. On one hand it seems like something that'd only work for a heel, but would be really cheesy and cringeworthy as a face (like the Doink The Clown gimmick). Because how is a heel supposed to be intimidated or insulted by Jericho putting them on the list? Wouldn't that just be like a face saying to a heel "You're a stupidhead!"? Cause as a heel doing that gimmick, it's dumb. But it works, since that's what a heel would do.

But if anyone could make it work as a face, it'd be Jericho, since he can pretty much make something out of nothing.

What do you think?

If he had been found guilty in the steroids trial, I mean. I often wonder this.

Wrestling & MMA / How do you think the future of WWE will play out?
« on: September 24, 2016, 01:15:46 AM »
Do you think ratings will steadily go down little by little over the years and then WWE will be forced to close up shop eventually? Or do you think there will be some another big wrestling boom eventually?

Wrestling & MMA / Has Vince given up on making Roman the next John Cena?
« on: August 27, 2016, 04:27:07 AM »
You think he's still gonna try to make him the next face of the company? Or has he just relegated Roman to one of the top guys, but not THE top guy?


TNA is reportedly flat out of cash. Dave Meltzer offered another update on TNA’s financial woes on Tuesday morning’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, saying “it’s really bad. You wouldn’t believe how bad it is. When I say they’re out of money – they’re out of money.”

It was added that Aroluxe is the only company seriously looking at buying TNA, and they’re probably funding the next set of TV tapings even though TNA hasn’t paid them for the previous set. TNA has reportedly made presentations to other people to get funding, but haven’t garnered any interest. Since the news broke of a possible takeover by Aroluxe, which Ron & Don Harris are employees of, fans have been tweeting Pop TV executives with pictures of The Harris Brothers in a shirt with the Nazi SS bolt logo on it, in addition to their SS tattoos they got covered up.

TNA talent has been told that this week’s TV tapings in Orlando are still on, and not to believe things on the internet. There’s also concern that TNA’s brand may be damaged beyond repair, as their ratings are down 31% despite Pop TV being in many more households than their previous cable home on Destination America. TNA could be considered a bad fit with Pop TV, because their programming is generally geared toward the female demographic.

Meltzer commented on the story by PWI claiming if TNA doesn’t repay Aroluxe the company will take over majority ownership, saying it’s inconsistent with things he’s heard.

Source: Dave Meltzer

Wrestling & MMA / How do you think the ending of WM 32 will go down?
« on: March 15, 2016, 11:12:51 PM »
Last year the reason Vince had Rollins cash in his MITB is because Vince panicked at the last minute and didn't want the crowd to boo the ending of the show.

Do you think Vince will let honestly let Reigns get booed out of the stadium at the end of the night after he wins the Belt? Or do you think he has some kind of plan in place to stop that from happening? And if so, what do you think will happen?

Wrestling & MMA / Is RAW mostly background noise for you these days?
« on: October 18, 2015, 12:32:15 AM »

When you watch RAW nowadays, do you actually sit and look at the TV the entire time it's on? Or is it mostly just background noise for you, where you only turn your head to look if something sounds interesting?

For me, it's mostly background noise. RAW is rarely "must-see TV" most of the time these days. I only watch it out of habit.

As for SmackDown? Well, that has become PURE background noise for me.

What do you think WWE would do? Would they fire him and pretend like he didn't exist?

Wrestling & MMA / Should WWE have a MITB match for the IC Title?
« on: June 01, 2015, 08:59:45 PM »
Since WWE is trying really hard to make the IC Title mean something again, I wonder if an MITB match for the IC Title would be a good idea. What say you?

Rusev's winning streak (as far as never being pinned) is the biggest part of his gimmick. If Cena pins him at WM, is there any other place for Rusev's gimmick to go but down? Cause once he gets pinned, there's no edge to him anymore. He becomes just another regular heel.

It's as if everyone beats him these days. He just seems like a borderline jobber to me.

Which brings me to another point.

As a Kane fan, it pains to me say that I think he should retire. Do you think he should?

Let's say that WCW had won the Monday Night Wars and WWE was forced to go out of business (and in 1995 and 1996, there was actually a real danger of WWE going out of business believe it or not according to Vince McMahon himself).

Would WCW still be in business today if that had happened?

Or would they themselves have folded sometime in the mid 00's? What do you think would've happened?

14 would it be?

Me, I wish I could go back and experience Starrcade '84 (yeah, I know this wasn't a WWE event lol), WM III, and WM X-Seven live.


.......what if TNA signed John Cena?

Do you think it would raise their ratings by any significant amount?

Dean has been doing a great job at carrying the ball in Roman's absence. It's as if he's yelling out, "Hey, forget about Roman Reigns and pay attention to ME!" and the fans definitely are embracing Dean more than ever before.

Once Roman returns, is it possible that the crowd will be cheering more for Dean than Roman?

If you were in Foley's shoes, would you have done it?

There's no way in hell I would've done it. That fall alone probably took years off Foley's life.

Wrestling & MMA / About the Swagger/Rusev feud.....
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:55:10 PM »
About the Swagger/Rusev feud, it's weird to me that Swagger and Zeb are faces in this since, well, Zeb's character has always been a racist piece of crap up till now. I mean, are he and Swagger good representatives of America in kayfabe? They are the worst of America. Jingoistic super right-wing nutcases (I also hate lunatic left-wingers as well).

Meaning that there would be different branches of NXT across the US, mimicking the territory system of the old days? And you would have wrestlers from one branch showing up in other branches. I'm thinking a full-fledged minor league system like in MLB.

Go to and go to 48 minutes and 13 seconds in (it's the Steve Austin podcast with Jim Cornette as his guest).

Jim Cornette talks about a rib that involves the Midnight Express, talking about what Dennis Condrey did to Phil Hickerson. Once you hear it, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

Wrestling & MMA / Can we stop having wrestlers kick out of finishers?
« on: February 11, 2014, 06:04:36 PM »

It's gotten ridiculous now to the point where there is no suspense whether the guy will kick out or not. It never should happen other than really special occasions like WM. That's how it used to be.

One of the biggest reasons WWE became family-oriented was because of the Benoit incident. WWE wanted to clean up their act after all the negative press surrounding it.

Had the Benoit incident not happened, what would WWE be like right now you think?

If so, then that's awesome. Cause I know people have been asking if WWE would ever release box sets of every single episode of RAW year by year on Blu-ray (which would've been insanely expensive). But having every past episode of RAW on the WWE Network makes a lot more sense.

Wrestling & MMA / Matches most people hated but you liked?
« on: December 12, 2013, 04:05:11 PM »
Me, I would go with Sid vs. Taker at WM 13. It was nothing great but I honestly found it enjoyable. Considering that Taker was in a motorcycle accident earlier that same day, he did pretty well in that match. I've seen a lot worse matches.

How about you?


....atmosphere. They went all out on the Roman theme for it. They even had elephants come out at the beginning for God's sake. ELEPHANTS! At a wrestling event!

Too bad the actual PPV was crap.

Why haven't we had another WrestleMania where they went all out on a certain theme like WM IX did?

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