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Wrestling & MMA / Newest WWE Signees
« on: January 15, 2018, 01:48:11 AM »
Candice LeRae - long overdue. Maybe one of the best female workers in the business.

War Machine - amazing hoss tag team.

Ricochet - one of the best athletes in the business.

Wrestling & MMA / Paige forced to retire?
« on: January 12, 2018, 04:47:18 PM »
Sasha kicked her in the back of the neck a couple of weeks ago, which caused her to lose feeling in her extremities, so sheís been on the shelf healing.  Now itís being said it might be retirement coming back from neck surgery and right before the first ever womanís royal rumble.

Wrestling & MMA / Daniel Bryan in 2018
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:12:32 PM »
His contract is up later this year. WWE made him retire against his own will and wants to wrestle again.

Itís unclear who heíll wrestle for right now if he gets cleared.

Dave Meltzer has been speculating that heís told WWE he wonít re-sign with them and thatís why theyíre potentially turning him heel to tarnish his character.

That sounds really petty but also really stupid.

Wrestling & MMA / Raw is Balor Club
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:05:05 PM »
I donít want to get my hopes up, but theyíre finally doing something with the Bullet Club members as a faction.

Shield vs Bullet Club was the natural dream match they ignored when Aj was on Raw with the Club, and Seth was still heel. Now we get Balor Club vs Jason Jordanís Shield.

Bullet Club is a merchandise cash cow right now. I donít get why they donít do what they did with the nWo during the Monday night wars and create an off shoot like DX with former members.

AJ is still out there and Nakamura their Nemesis. Plus you know theyíll poach other members like Kenny Omega one day.

In other things, Braun destroying Brock and Kane was great.

Looking forward to Asuka vs Jaxx

Miz is just great on the mic.

Samoa Joe needs to be pushed more.

Woken Hardy...weíll see, but nothing much going on but laugh offs every week.

General Discussion / Justice League (2017)
« on: November 17, 2017, 01:16:36 PM »

Enjoyed the movie a lot. Is it great? Nope. Good? For DC fans who are already fans of these characters.

Thereís no plot, but the editing and reshooting Whedon did for the two hour mandate he had, he made into a fun live action version of Injustice and the DC cartoons.

I could have used another half hour to really flesh the characters or story out, but Snyder had no story or character for these guys, so it would have ruined a good thing I feel.

The MVP is still Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman. Sheís the most fleshed out of the team and most convincing. Maybe it helps having a good solo movie to develope her.

Batman just felt off. Way too vulnerable and missing the grit from BvS and Suicide Squad. This is more to do with the writing and directing than Affleck. Way too soft.

Flash - enjoyable. No complaints. Heís very different than CW Barry. Thatís not a dig Grant Gustin, more of a compliment to the film for making their own Barry.

Aquaman is fun, but heís 95% on land the entire movie. I think Momoa got to shine rather than the superhero. He needs a solo film in water.

Cyborg is the hardest to pull off since heís so much cgi and looks fake. Heís too busy looking and needs to be more stream lined like Iron Man. Much like Aquaman I liked the actor more than the superhero. I donít think he was used the best visually unless you love cgi on top of cgi.

Superman is fantastic. Complete opposite of Cyborg and Aquaman. I got to see Superman do Superman stuff in the best way possible.

Steppenwolf is another generic bad guy we have to sit through. Should have been Darkseid, but Snyder would have wasted him too. But they can save Darkseid for another film maybe.

Speaking of wasted, they have no clue who Lois Lane is character wise. The stuff she says is completely pointless.

Flawed film making, but I enjoyed it. Please donít let Zach Snyder near this universe anymore. This is kind of a soft reboot of the DCEU, but they need to do better like Wonder Woman.

Two after credit scenes are good.

General Discussion / Wonder Woman (2017)
« on: June 02, 2017, 11:39:15 AM »

Saw it last night. Great movie. Completely different feeling watching this than BvS and Suicide Squad.

I never thought much about Gal Gadot, but she is fantastic in this. So charming, likable, but convincing. Even the cheesy lines she had I believed her. She is Wonder Woman the same way RDJ is Tony Stark.

I really enjoyed the origin stuff on Themiscara with the amazons. Great casting. Those women look legit tough. Robin Wright wow. Who knew.

The true villain in this is war and Diana is just beyond frustrated man or the amazons won't do whatever it takes to fight or stop it. A lot of her call to action is just inspiring. Her fighting in that outfit in trench warfare totally works. It's a great costume.

Chris Pine deserves a lot of credit. He bounces off her and makes the film enjoyable. The two are great together. You can ignore the super hero stuff and those two have a good movie on their own.

I guess the actual villain is weak and generic. It's the same type of villain in almost every superhero movie now, especially mcu so it's nothing new. The common thing is more development on the hero at the cost of the villain.

Still a great film. D.C. finally offers something unique they can be proud of without looking like they're trying to catch up with Marvel. I don't know if this movie is okay for little girls, but it's great for women. It makes you want to stand up and fight.

Wrestling & MMA / Adam Cole gets fired from Bullet Club
« on: May 25, 2017, 12:18:20 AM »
I don't think the Bullet Club concept really works outside of Japan. And I really wish they'd stop referencing the Club in WWE unless they plan to actually do something with them as a team. But this bullet Club firing in the states was awesome. If Kenny Omega ever comes to WWE this is the tone to use. He has the right combination of comedy and seriousness to make it work.

Adam Cole is rumored to go to NXT. Vince is suppodly a fan of him as well.

Wrestling & MMA / The Miz's promos
« on: April 23, 2017, 12:11:27 PM »
Have all been shoots lately. He's a genuinely good heel, but hard to root against him when he's just pointing out the truth every time he speaks.

The Cena stuff was 100% accurate. I didn't see it, but he said something to Daniel Bryan on talking smack that legitimately made him walk out on air. And the stuff about Dean being lazy and complacent seems to be a legitimate complaint about him backstage.

Geekville / Deadpool 2 news thread
« on: April 12, 2017, 03:16:52 PM »
Josh Brolin cast as Cable

Wrestling & MMA / Southpaw Regional Wrestling
« on: March 23, 2017, 01:16:49 AM »
This is the best thing WWE is doing right now creatively. Makes you wonder why the main rosters aren't written or acted this well. The build up to Lethal Leap Year destroys the current build up to Wrestlemania.

Wrestling & MMA / The Hardys leave TNA
« on: February 28, 2017, 09:44:37 PM »
and not accepting anymore indy bookings because they might not be able to fulfill them in the future.

Hopefully this means they're headed back to WWE, specifically to Smackdown. If they can loosely use the broken hardys gimmick, them working with the Wyatts would be amazing.

The idea of Kenny Omega was fun, but I think for the time being, the Hardys would fit better with the current state of both rosters.

General Discussion / Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
« on: December 16, 2016, 03:38:26 PM »
I really have mixed feelings about this.

I think I value the film for the story it told and how this sets you up directly to watch the original trilogy directly after. It sets up A New Hope wonderfully, where as the Prequels would shoe horn things as fan service or to make you go "remember these guys?"

I just couldn't find myself caring for anyone in the movie except the droid in the film. This was partly marketed as a heist film, but really it's a war film. It puts the war in Star Wars. On top of that, it's a suicide mission, not like that poorly executed Suicide Squad. This mission actually has everyone risking it all to capture the plans for the Death Star.

So while there's all these lives at risk and at war, I wasn't emotionally invested in them. I was more into the cause.

So the droid steals the show for me as far as characters. He's not cute like BB8 or Baby Groot. He's a dry witted bad ass that I related the most with.

On the villains side I'm mixed on as well. Director Kroenig reminded me too much of Grand Moff Tarkin. It's almost a direct archetype of him and that character is in the film as his superior officer. I mean he's played well, there isn't too much there apart from the evil empire officer this faction seems to be full of.

Vader has a couple of scenes in this and it's fantastic, easily what I'll watch on loop over and over once scenes from the film are released online next year. It's the Vader we always dreamed of.

I criticized Force Awakens last year for remixing the original trilogy and not telling a new story and now I'm finding myself appreciating Force Awakens more for at least getting me into the characters and story, no matter how rehashed they were.

There needs to be something in between where it's something new and familiar.

I give this a low full price. See it in theaters for sure. Maybe not my favorite Star Wars story, but one of the best looking for sure. Darth Vader might be worth the price of admission alone.

Wrestling & MMA / Big Van Vader given two years to live
« on: November 16, 2016, 08:56:25 AM »
due to heart failure by two doctors according to his Twitter.

Growing up as a huge WWF fan, Vader was one of the main reasons that drew me to WCW in the early 90's.

I was really excited for his WWF run, but Vince didn't know how to use him and Shawn refused to put him over.

A prime Vader vs Brock is a dream match of mine to this day.

General Discussion / Doctor Strange (2016)
« on: November 04, 2016, 12:17:59 PM »
I've been excited for this ever since Cumberbatch's casting was announced.

I really enjoyed this. It's a lot smaller as a film than Civil War, but that's a good thing. It moves really fast, maybe too fast to be great, but still does enough to make you care for the characters and story.

It's funny because there's so much to compare superhero movies to this year alone. Deadpool and Civil War got it right in completely different ways. BvS and Suicide Squad had the right intentions but still isn't close to there yet. And Apocalypse just went backyards.

This one got it right and I have it just below Deadpool and Civil War depending on the day.

It's a pretty straight forward origin story we've seen before. Arrogant and gifted guy has to learn humility before he can earn his powers. Tony Stark and Thor both go through this in their films, except I felt they cast forwarded through his journey, a little bit.

It might have been a misstep in any other film, but the individual performances in this film really bring it up. Strange, Ancient One, Mordo, and Wong are played wonderfully by the respective actors.

And visually the movie is fantastic. Lots of comparisons to Inception will be made, but the visual effects team just takes what that film did further. Definitely should be seen on the big screen.

Only other weakness other than possibly rushing the pace of the film would be the underdeveloped generic villain. This is an on going thing with Marvel when not using Loki or Netflix, but you have a dream match between Sherlock and Hannibal and you don't do much with Mads Mikkelson, who has the acting chops to go against Cumberbatch.

Still a very enjoyable film, very different in tone and genre for the MCU, even if they're following a familiar formula now.

Looking forward to more Dr. Strange in the universe.

General Discussion / Luke Cage (Netflix)
« on: September 30, 2016, 12:19:40 PM »
Just getting into the 5th episode now.

I loved Jessica Jones and was surprised others gave up on it where as they loved season one of Daredevil better.

This makes me think the mass fan base wants more superhero and less drama. Well this is another slow burn, but great story telling. Luke Cage isn't going around busting heads non stop. You definitely get that, but it's a very grounded story about a guy fighting an urban war in Harlem from the inside out.

It's really good so far and getting better.

General Discussion / Suicide Squad (2016)
« on: August 05, 2016, 10:07:54 AM »
This movie is mostly fun, doesn't deserve the bad mouth it's receiving, but it's not great.

The biggest weakness is the choice of the villain. It ruins the third act and turns it into Ghostbusters.

They should have just copied their own source material and made the live action version of Escape From Arkham and have Joker as the main antagonist.

Will Smith walks Way with the most memorable character arc. He does the most with what he's given, kind of like Affleck in BvS.

Speaking of which, the few seconds Batman is in the film, he steals it every time. I'm beyond ready for a solo batman film.

Viola Davis is great as Amanda Waller. Best once since JLU.

Harley is probably the most believable of the funny characters. The rest like Captain Boomerang, feel like caricitures, but she plays Harley pretty well. The jokes in the movie aren't very funny, but she comes the closest to making you genuinely laugh.

I'm not sure how I feel about Jared Leto. So much hype about his method acting and how he terrorized his cast mates. He's hardly given much time to shine, but when he's on, I didn't get a Joker persona from him. He had a small role and Batman had a cameo and I felt Batman did more with his cameo than did Joker. I'd like to see what he could do as the main villain in a solo Batman film.

Rick Flagg was given almost the same amount of character work as Deadshot. And he's decent because he really tries. Nothing great. It's about the same he did as Robocop.

Enchantress kind of brought the movie down for me. Without getting into spoilers, her role was the major downfall of the film and all the imagery and action the cast had to work with.

At one point the movie switches from Ghostbusters to Gods of Egypt. It's supposed to be a semi grounded street film, but they chose to take it to Ghostbusters and Gods of Egypt territory by the end and I was kind of bored with what little that it left for the team to do.

Tons of talk now about how this movie was a victim of studio interference with the reshoots and editing in a ton of random music to make the movie more fun due to the BvS complaints. It still doesn't fix the problem of the main villain.

I'd give this film a matinee.

General Discussion / The Conjuring 2 (2016)
« on: June 11, 2016, 12:01:30 PM »
The first Conjuring might be the last good and scary horror movie I saw. It wasn't a perfect movie, but the good definitely out weighed the bad in legitimate scares.

Skipped Annabelle, but this one was another very scary horror film. James Wan has figured out the perfect beats to scare you, including throwing off the audience who are ready for it.

They don't waste time in this. It's approached with skepticism, but the ghost makes itself known every chance it gets and and erases any doubt that there is danger and you're going to be a part of it.

Negatives would be it is a bit long and they explore little side ghosts that could have been cut out, took me out of the movie for a bit, might be a spin off, but don't.

Still, if you liked the original, found it scary, this is just as scary if not more effective. I'd say James Wan right now is the best horror director.

General Discussion / X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:00:06 AM »
I was avoiding seeing this due to all the controversy, the controversy that it sucks. Sound like another comic book film?

The common defense seems to be, "it's not as bad as people say". That's a fair assessment, but not a good thing. I found it to be a dull, boring, CGI heavy soul less film, with a few good moments.

It shares similar problems with BvS. Tons of characters and action, but not a lot of story, narrative, or personality. If you loved how fun they made the Deadpool universe while still maintaining a sense of drama or great superhero action, get ready for Bryan Singer to ignore all that.

The good: Magneto. Michael Fassbender brings a ton of acting and character work. He's one of the few people who has actual motivations for his actions. Same with Professor X. Quicksilver steals the show again, but it's a repeat of his DOFP scene shot differently. Nightcrawler, Cyclops, and Sophie Turner as Jean are all likable as the new team.

The Bad: Apocalypse is the ultimate generic overpowered villain who wants to destroy the world. He sucks. Anyone could have played him with his auto tuned voice and lame monologues. And that's really the plot of the film. He wants to destroy the world and the X-Men must stop him. There isn't much more depth than that. There's other side stories that are pretty disjointed and don't go anywhere such as Quicksilver realizing Magneto is his dad. Wolverine is just in there and is gone.

And there's just so much CGI destruction at the end it's boring and pointless. There might be a 10-15 minute sequence where Magneto floats alone by himself in a magnetic field looking into the distance. You just don't feel for any of it.

Singer brings back his generic black uniforms for the team because superhero costumes will never work in live action.

Better or worse than BvS? That depends on what you rally liked from both. I got the best live action Batman ever from BvS along with Alfred and loved those Batman/Bruce moments. I didn't love anything from this. I guess this is less offensive in the same way than BvS because Jesse Eisenberg wasn't in it. I dunno, they both suck and have their moments.

As far as this movie goes, I give it a low rental. No excuse to be making this kind of X-Men film. It's going backwards, especially with Deadpool showing us how fun an X-Men universe can be with real X-Men and comic book uniforms and costumes. Stop trying to make Bryan Singer happen.

General Discussion / 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
« on: April 03, 2016, 10:51:50 AM »
This movie came out of nowhere, which is really cool these days where we know too much about big movies due to the internet.

Is this a sequel to Cloverfield? Nope. Not at all. Don't expect THAT monster to show up because it's not that movie.

It is a damn good movie however. And the less you know going in, the better. So I'm reluctant to talk too specific about it, but I still want to set it up and sell this movie on people.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is driving, gets in an accident, and wakes up in an under ground bunker with John Goodman. He seems unstable, crazy, but good natured at the same time. According to him, they can't ever go outside because something terrible is out there that will kill them all. So the whole movies is a mystery horror thriller where you're asking yourself what's going on, what do we do, and is there any good decision to make at all considering the choices.

The trailers to their credit only give away the first few minutes of the film, so you get a ton of fresh story telling going in.

John Goodman is great in this. See it.

General Discussion / Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
« on: March 26, 2016, 10:19:20 AM »
Well the most anticipated movie of the century is finally here and it's met with controversy. The controversy being that it's a terrible film. Is that true? Let's get into it.

This movie is more of an art project. It's a ton of random, well shot, comic book scenes put together that don't really fit together as a linear film. Some of the scenes are amazing, others are not. Hit and miss. Even if you don't like the movie, you'll walk away with several individual things you did like and will forever stick in your mind, for better or worse.

This is like an indy film for hardcore comic book fans. It's not going to appeal to a mass audience, but it should. All those easter eggs Marvel does after the credits, this movie does non stop through out the movie, randomly.

There's two huge iconic comic book arcs Snyder heavily borrows from, The Dark Knight Returns and the other one I don't want to name because it's a spoiler, but the moments are not well earned. I personally loved all the specific quotes he took from Dark Knight Returns, some of my favorites.

The best thing about this film and the reason to so it is Ben Affleck. He brings the best live action Batman to the screen. He's probably the most fleshed out idea and character in the film. At one point he was the worst news about this movie, but turned out to be the best. It got me excited about the solo Batman films that are hopefully coming with Ben directing. This is the Batman we've all wanted the Nolan Batman to eventually form into. He's gotten over all his issues that held him back, seasoned for 20 years, cynical, brutal, and will do whatever it takes. Controversy here might be that he puts the Punisher to shame in some of the things he does, but I felt he had to most of the time.

Wonder Woman is great. Also excited for the solo Wonder Woman film. Loved her scenes as Diana Prince with Bruce out of costume. That could be a movie by itself, not directed by Zach Snyder.

Lex Luthor is pretty terrible and cringe worthy, unless you love what you saw of him in the trailers. It's exactly that and more.

The action is incredible. I think Snyder is getting worse as a director, but his action scenes are iconic. There's just no emotional weight behind them anymore.

That's really the problem with this movie. Zach Snyder is a terrible story teller. He tried to go deep like Grant Morrison, but I think just came off random and disjointed. Ton of dream sequences as easter eggs for Justice League, but I think only people like me got it. There's a specific cameo from a big name character and I doubt most people could even figure out who that was.

Going back to all the after credits stuff Marvel does and how it's non stop in this film, some of it is like the last Spider-Man film where they tried to force the Sinister Six in our face, but the Justice League instead.

Is the fight between Supes and Batman at least good? Sure. But there's not too many surprises you don't call before they happen. The trailers did give away too much, but not everything. The action just lacks the emotional impact they need.

Should you see it? Only if you're just a big fan of these characters and genre in general. It's a poorly handled long film, but tons of great individual moments to take away from, this especially any scene with Ben Affleck and Batman/Alfred. Plus it's something to talk about for sure.

I think it sucks Snyder is getting to direct Justice League part 1, but hopefully that's it for him. Looking forward to Suicide Squad.

General Discussion / Daredevil Season 2 (Netflix)
« on: March 18, 2016, 04:40:20 PM »
Managed to crank out the first four last night and before work. Does not waste time getting to Punisher. So far I'm hooked again.

Only complaint might be some of the lines given to Daredevil and Foggy, just don't come off natural.

General Discussion / Deadpool (2016)
« on: February 13, 2016, 12:21:22 AM »
Well this actually lived up to the hype for me. Disney/Marvel are very successful because they make their movies for everyone, which is great, but when you make something for for everyone, eventually you make it for no one.

This film knows it's audience and delivers a great movie for anyone who was excited about a proper Deadpool film. They make great use of the R rating and it's a hard R. The jokes, the violence, the action, it's all extremely well written and executed.

When the audience is in on it, Ryan Reynolds is heavily in on it, a certain FOX megastar is an extremely good sport about it and in on it, and the executives who approved so many many little things put in it are in on it, you end up with a fantastic stand alone superhero film like Kickass and Dredd years before that takes several risks and delivers something new to the genre.

What really surprised me, and that's all this movie does, is actually deliver a ton of character between the jokes. I felt for Wade Wilson. I bought into the love story. Yes there is one. I genuinely hated the villain, who could have been very generic in anything else, but they made me care and I wanted Deadpool to kick his ass.

It's a perfect film for Deadpool fans. It's weird, I want to give this even a higher rating, because it had everything it should have. I don't know what else it could have done. It's a very small film too. And they can do so much more for the sequels.

I'm just going to rate it as a Perfect Deadpool movie. The opening credits, end credits, I don't know how, but they even made those very entertaining.

General Discussion / The Hateful Eight (2015)
« on: December 26, 2015, 12:00:55 PM »
This is Tarantino's western. Was Django a western?

Timeline wise, this takes place post Civil War with a bounty hunter played by Kurt Russel traveling with his prisoner, so he can collect his money and she can be hanged. There's a brutal blizzard going on and he runs into stragglers who he picks up on the way, including another bounty hunter in Sam Jackson and a sheriff in Walton Goggins.

They make a stop at a general store where a handful other characters are staying at till the blizzard dies down and we have a tension filled bottle film and sorta of a who dunnit mystery.

This is a three hour film, not unusual for Tarantino. And there's an intermission break half way through. Both halves are very different movies tonally, again, not too different if you look at Kill Bill as one film. I however prefer the first half to the second. First half is all build up, tension, and talk. After the intermission, it's the boiling point, and the violence breaks out in a very over the top way like Kill Bill and Inglorious Bastards.

If you're a Tarantino fan, like a real fan who will look forward to any film he makes, like myself, you should see this. He delivers big on the dialog. It's a very chatty film with strong and memorable performances by Russel, Sam Jackson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, and Bruce Dern. Rest of the performances are cartoonish to good.

The score is great. I think the first 5 minutes is just the score and a still shot of a cross and I actually enjoyed it due to the score.

So is the movie good? I'd say very good, not great. It's funny, I prefer Kill Bill 1 over 2 because it was so action packed and amazingly shot, while part 2 was the story. I am the reverse about this. I prefer the dialog and story over the action half of the film.

It still ends strong and has villains you genuinely despise, which is lost these days, and I got what I wanted as the film ends, leaving me satisfied. But I did wish I liked the movie more like I was with Django and Inglorious Bastards after watching them.

It's been several years since I've watched Reservoir Dogs, so I'll leave it out to keep it fair, but this is how I rank Tarantino films, and I'll count Kill Bill 1-2 as one film for the sake of argument.

Pulp Fiction
Kill Bill
Django Unchained
Inglorious Bastards
Jackie Brown
Hateful Eight
Death Proof

General Discussion / Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)
« on: December 18, 2015, 03:38:38 AM »
This is going to be a spoiler free review. Most people seem to want to go in clean and not even know the plot, which I think is the best way to view this. The ambiguity of who is who or what is part of the fun of the narrative.

JJ Abrams captures the original look and feel of the Star Wars universe. The prequels looked too clean and polished of a world while the original looked dirty, dusty, rusty, scratched, sandy, and used, all in a charming way and you get brought back into that world. Even the generic evil bad guys in the background feel like the ones from the 70's and 80's.

There's several callbacks to the "feel" of Episode 4, but the film still feels fresh. I think it's a lot to due with the new characters being very fun and likable. I thought they were the best parts of the film, including Oscar Isaacs is a lesser, but very memorable part. Fin and Ray are strong on their own. You do get Han, Chewie, and Lea in this as seen in the trailers, but they aren't a crutch for the new characters.

Harrison Ford does bring in a strong performance. He's not playing old man Harrison Ford, but actually brings back Han Solo as an older man.

It's an incredibly fun space movie, but I wouldn't call it great. It's very good, up there with the original trilogy and less with the last one. But I do have my problems and it's very minor.

The villains are weak and forgettable. And the ending isn't strong due to that IMO. The ending does leave me wanting to see the next one, but as a stand alone film, I needed a proper conclusion to finish strong.

That being said, if you need a good new Star Wars film, this is it. It's a natural successor to Return of The Jedi.

General Discussion / Jessica Jones (Netflix/Marvel)
« on: November 20, 2015, 09:54:23 AM »
Only watched the pilot so far and for a non-superhero obscure follow up to Daredevil, this is incredible.

I am intrigued every scene with the mystery and it's already darker than worst moments of Daredevil.

Binge watching this for sure.

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