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Steve Jobs (2015)
« on: October 23, 2015, 10:19:28 AM »
I never watched the Ashton Kutcher version and was not in a hurry to see this since I'm more interested in Apple technology rather than the man himself, but Jem and The Holograms was sold out, so Steve Jobs it is.

This is not a biopic and is loosely inspired by some moments of Steve Jobs life. The movie covers the backstage conversations before three product launches and keynote speeches. Half hour before every speech, key people from Steve Jobs life and career happen to show up and want to hash out their grievances with him in rapid fire dialog while walking in hallways.

While the movie is directed by Danny Boyle, this is an Aaron Sorkin vehicle all the way. This is him at his best. The dialog is the character and strength of the film. It brings out the best in everyone on screen. These conversations most likely never happened, but they are amazing to listen to. Never a dull moment. Steve Jobs was highly unlikely so quick witted, and neither was Zuckerberg as seen in Social Network, but it's a lot more entertaining as a film.

I heard Christian Bale was originally chosen to play the part, but didn't have time, so Fassbender came in. He did great and I could easily see Bale pulling off the same lines. Kate Winslet almost silently steals the scenes here as the moral conscience of Steve Jobs, something he constantly lacks. You get an amazing performance out of Seth Rogan as the Woz, probably the most interesting character out of a handful we get. For Newsroom fans, Jeff Daniels brings it in small, but heavy doses.

I loved this movie and I was surprisingly touched by it when I did not expect it. You don't have to care about Steve Jobs or Apple to enjoy this film. It's basically a stage play by Aaron Sorkin about a very eccentric and dislikable person you'll be drawn to and amused by.

See it if you remotely like Aaron Sorkin.


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Re: Steve Jobs (2015)
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2015, 11:38:34 AM »
I want to check this out.