Author Topic: Smackdown 2/15 is all about Bray Wyatt  (Read 99 times)

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Smackdown 2/15 is all about Bray Wyatt
« on: February 15, 2017, 11:32:52 AM »
The fans really accepted him last night.  Cena gave him some respect for it.  Bray was able to give one of his most passionate promos ever.  His promo skills have evolved.  The crowd was so hot, they didn't turn on AJ either.

I think Smackdown is trying to leading to something big with Natyala and Nikki at WM.  Next week's falls count anywhere match should not be the climax.

American Alpha needs some competition, they look a little flat right now and we know they aren't.

It would seem the best thing they could do with Naomi is let her fight rather than talk.  Being up against Bliss on the mic is just not fair.

Mickie and Becky look to possible be heading toward WM to settle things.

They need to figure out what they are planning to do with Carmella and Elsworth.  She could easily be a good champ with the gimmick they have.

The IC Title seems set.  Baron and Dean could be better in person than it looks on paper.

I hope they are heading to some sort of good payout with Luke Harper and the Wyatt family.  Luke was red-hot at the PPV and the crowd responded well to him last night.  I figured his surprise attack would keep Bray out until the end.  They have finally given us a decent plot twist.  Orton SAYS he refuses to fight for the title if Bray is the one holding it.   We've got a little bit before that falls apart but it will be interesting.