Author Topic: How far ahead to you shop?  (Read 51 times)

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How far ahead to you shop?
« on: June 07, 2017, 05:47:06 PM »
Asking becauase my 95 year old grandfather, who recently suffered a fall and was hospitalized (Nothing broken, thank god, his face was merely bruised up.  Ready to come home soon.)

So, I've been going through his things while he's away, to clean up for the incoming help, and found a lot of stuff stowed away.

We're talking five containers of maple syrup kind of backups.

He's always spent a lot, and we assumed he just eats day and night and rarely sleeps.  Clearly, he's either just looking at sales and buying whatever's on, or his memory's going.

But I see a lot of "buy up all the sales" people, just filling their carriages with junk they probably don't really want because it's "cheaper".

So, wondering how people shop here.

Me, I'll hit up sales on things I know I want already.  Tbh, I purposely try to keep junk to a minimum as part of my diet strategy..  I have low impulse control, so if it's not there I can't binge on it, and I'll give myself one or two binging days  (Down over 10 lbs in the last four months.  Maybe not spectacular, but it's progress..)


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Re: How far ahead to you shop?
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2017, 07:24:10 PM »
I grocery shop once a week, and I don't buy something unless I'm running out. I will go to different stores if I know there's a sale on something I want.