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Justice League (2017)
« on: Today at 01:16:36 PM »

Enjoyed the movie a lot. Is it great? Nope. Good? For DC fans who are already fans of these characters.

Thereís no plot, but the editing and reshooting Whedon did for the two hour mandate he had, he made into a fun live action version of Injustice and the DC cartoons.

I could have used another half hour to really flesh the characters or story out, but Snyder had no story or character for these guys, so it would have ruined a good thing I feel.

The MVP is still Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman. Sheís the most fleshed out of the team and most convincing. Maybe it helps having a good solo movie to develope her.

Batman just felt off. Way too vulnerable and missing the grit from BvS and Suicide Squad. This is more to do with the writing and directing than Affleck. Way too soft.

Flash - enjoyable. No complaints. Heís very different than CW Barry. Thatís not a dig Grant Gustin, more of a compliment to the film for making their own Barry.

Aquaman is fun, but heís 95% on land the entire movie. I think Momoa got to shine rather than the superhero. He needs a solo film in water.

Cyborg is the hardest to pull off since heís so much cgi and looks fake. Heís too busy looking and needs to be more stream lined like Iron Man. Much like Aquaman I liked the actor more than the superhero. I donít think he was used the best visually unless you love cgi on top of cgi.

Superman is fantastic. Complete opposite of Cyborg and Aquaman. I got to see Superman do Superman stuff in the best way possible.

Steppenwolf is another generic bad guy we have to sit through. Should have been Darkseid, but Snyder would have wasted him too. But they can save Darkseid for another film maybe.

Speaking of wasted, they have no clue who Lois Lane is character wise. The stuff she says is completely pointless.

Flawed film making, but I enjoyed it. Please donít let Zach Snyder near this universe anymore. This is kind of a soft reboot of the DCEU, but they need to do better like Wonder Woman.

Two after credit scenes are good.


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Re: Justice League (2017)
« Reply #1 on: Today at 04:01:54 PM »
Looking forward to this one.  Just saw Thor (Which I thought was just allright.  Chuckled at Hulk looking like a WoW orc.) so probably won't see this weekend.  But if you like it, it sounds like a safe bet for me.

One thing I'd pay good money to see in any DCU movie:  Bibbo Bibowski.  An everyman street thug turned bar owner with a heart of gold invented in the 90's by Jerry Ordway, he'd be a natural for this.